Favourite Vegetarian BBQ Recipes

These BBQ ideas are great for vegetarians or for people wanting healthier BBQ recipes. For me these vegetable-based BBQ recipes really helped with …


  1. im not a vego but im looking to cook as many meals on my bbq as i can we all need good healthy veggies as part of our diet and this chip has helped me get out of the kitchen and get out side cooking thanks!

  2. Fantastic ideas, really well explained! I'm going to make this for my vegetarian friend now, thanks for making this video!

  3. thanks for this. i just bought a grill and i had no idea what vegetarian things i could cook

  4. ditch the dairy!!!

  5. Hi Ela, I love how you say you loved meat. I did, for many years, too. I am happy, that we abandoned this love for the sake of the animals, our health, the planet.

    Now, that I'm no longer used to it, I don't even like the taste very much anymore – Yes, I tasted meat again out of curiosity. For the sake of science, you know 😉 …

    I think it's necessary to connect with people who still eat meat, and not to act like we were better than they are. Most vegans ate meat at some point of their lives. When we admit that, we can inspire people to consider becoming vegan.

    You are such a beautiful and honest person, and you inspired me quite while now, even while I was transitioning to the vegan lifestyle – without me even noticing it at that time. You know what I mean?

    And now I watch yor recipes, cause I'm going to grill today. Love you <3

  6. You look like a female version of Justin Trudeau.

  7. So what do you do now that you are vegan? I do miss barbecuing!

  8. Brandi Gutierrez

    I love this video. My sister in law is vegetarian and I feel bad that not everyone thinks of her when we have BBQs

  9. ha.. so you support dairy industry..

  10. 3p1t0m30faw350m3

    love this! being Aussie, pretty much every family gathering is a bbq and I've found it hard to just sit there and pick at the salads

  11. universallyinsync

    Love these BBQ thoughts too, I want to try this with some pineapple in between. Yum.

  12. I have family coming over for a Bbq and wasn't sure what to cook because they are all brining their own meat now I don't have to miss out and can hopefully show them vegetarian food can be just as good 😀 

  13. Ela Gale do you take any supplements at all….if so what for and have you noticed any benefits….Or do you get all of your nutrients from your foods???

  14. I'm so impressed with how you get straight to the point in your videos. Most YouTubers would have taken 30 minutes to say what you just did in less than 6. I'm not a vegetarian but those look way better than the burgers my dad normally makes so I will definitely be trying all of that 

  15. di Giovanni Angèle

    This video is really nice ! Thank you very much :)

  16. thank you so much!

  17. Nice ! thanks much for sharing !

  18. Mizz Bella Kitty

    I thought that beet root relish looked liked blueberry jam… oops.

  19. all of this looks so good

  20. These look so great, I especially love the zucchini wraps!!! I have a question, the stuffing for the mushrooms sounds yummy and I love the idea of adding that extra element to kebab's. The only problem is I don't like mushrooms, and they don't like me 🙁  Is there any other veg that could be stuffed in the same way?

  21. You should try to eat your veggies there so important 

  22. gosh, i love ALL of your videos… there isn't one i don't like haha thanks for all the awesome ideas! <3

  23. where are you from?:)

  24. Love these! Thank you so much :)

  25. Hey, I just finished filming one of my favorite healthy desserts, my Vegan No Bake Pumpkin Pie. It's on my channel, and I have to say, I am pretty proud of how delicious and easy it is. Check it out, and let me know if you try it! 

  26. added to my favorite youtubers list!

  27. Big ups to you! These were lovely- From the pescatarian, vegetarian and vegan communities:) 

  28. Hi from Ireland!! super curious on that beetroot relish! Is it possible to get the recipe?? many thanks 🙂 

  29. i am not a vegetarian, but this looks amazing!

  30. Can someone please subscribe me?!

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