FALAFEL SANDWICH WRAPS – Delicious Middle Eastern Vegetarian Street Food In London.


  1. Where was the 'absolutely fantastic brother' motto!

  2. Was this in Camden ?

  3. Their falafel wraps look absolutely delicious. In the area of Southern California that I live in we have nothing in terms of good falafel. I wish they could be teleported here. Thanks for the great videos. Keep up the great work Sir.

  4. Sir why you didn't try the wrap without falafel?
    I can have it that wrap without falafel. The man making the dish more interesting.

  5. great view. usually u dn't record from the perspective of the server.

  6. very good as always

  7. Falafel time!

  8. Mohammed Siddique Bawany

    My favorite

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