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Falafel, or falafal is a fritter or a patty made ususally with chole/chickpeas and served in a pita which is a flatbread, similar to a kulcha bread. Falafel roll, which …


  1. Excellent recipe.. Very intrigued by the type of blender you used for making the falafels.. Can you please share the details of the brand /make of the same?

  2. You're amazing!

  3. how 2 make The green curd a yellow chutney

  4. awesome……..I loved this recipe…..

  5. What is brand of your blender/mixer?
    Nice recipe will try …

  6. chutney recipes pls

  7. that food processor/blender is brilliant! The falafel look delicious, I can't wait to try your recipe!

  8. plzz make mozarella cheese

  9. awesome! liked the twist of adding mustard oil ..

  10. plz do d milk mayo recipe

  11. Mayonnaise and yellow chutney please
    I tried most of your recipes and they were quite tasty .. :-)

  12. this recipe was great and delicious can i know how to make EGG WRAPS which we usaully get in MC D. please and also how to make cream cheese.

  13. Rainbow cake ??

  14. Great video, you make it look so easy!  I would love to see ANY chutney videos you want to produce.

  15. Can you bake them instead of baking?

  16. can i bake them in the oven pls

  17. I live in middle east and this is my FAV food to munch and I am soooooo…. happy that you showed an awesome way to make them.

  18. thanks for providing us such a wonderful dishes.. God bless

  19. which brand mixer grinder u use?

  20. First of all this is not the genuine recipe and your falafeels look like shit.. and its not "Falafal" as your saying its "Fala-feel" and once again thats not indian its from middle east :*

  21. please share the receipe for mayonnaise and the yellow chutney as well . Thank you.

  22. yeah plz share the recipe

  23. Kavita Chandrashekhar

    where are you based yaman

  24. Yes please, eggless mayo, and chutney recipe

  25. milk mayonnaise and yellow chutney recipes please

  26. Vignesh's kitchen

    Yaman Agrawal do post the videos please for chutneys both milk mayonese and yellow chutney dear

  27. chatni plz

  28. Please post your chutney recipes. Much appreciated.

  29. pls post milk mayonise and seasame chutney recipe!!

  30. please make eggless nutella cookie cup

  31. could you make vegan versions of the chutneys?

  32. Good recipe going to try… But want to know recipe of yellow chutny..

  33. Wooow yummy yummy and thanks

  34. plz show mayo and mommo chautney

  35. show the recipe of yellow chutney

  36. thankyou for wonderfull recipe❤ and yesss chutney recipes please :D

  37. pls share the milk mayonnaise and momos chutney recipes

  38. looks so yum..and pls give us the red chutney receipe

  39. Bro recipe for chutney please…happy bhai duj…love from Toronto

  40. mounish muddapuram

    yeah! mayonnaise recipe please

  41. chutneys rcp pls,your wraps r awesome

  42. yeah recipes pls

  43. yeah, recipes please! :)

  44. its look so yummy..i want milk mayonies recipe..

  45. milk Mayonnaise Recipes , please

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