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  1. Mythili's Retro Recipes

    Is it really works?? Tku for this recipe

  2. Nibedita Ghosh

    mam bolchi j ata to dalia.ami jodi ata lunch a khai kotota poriman khabo. r lunch a khala ki diner ao khawa jabe.???? plzz janaben

  3. I m 80 kg pls guide me to loose 30kg

  4. It's really a mind blowing dish which will help us to lose weight quickly.

  5. Kuskus ka bangla ki bole?

  6. its not good for dinner.. it has a total carb 73g n protein 14g in 100 gm broken wheat … its not good micro …

  7. Is it daliya.. broken wheat?

  8. H. Liebeneiner

    Gesund? Etwas gesünder. Zu viel Salz, falsche Garzeiten (Zwiebeln zuerst braten, hä?)

  9. What is couscous ,iska koye dusra name hai kya

  10. satish agarwal

    Acha to tb lgega tb ye cuscus ka pta Chale hota kya h

  11. Is it suji?

  12. Deepak Rajawat

    Apne bihar se ho ka madam 😀

  13. couscous kya hii

  14. mam khemwa kya hota hii

  15. instead of couscous, can i add brown rice ??

  16. Where can I get this in Pakistan ?

  17. meenakshi gaur

    ये खस खस है यह किराना की दुकान में मिलता है

  18. The Monty Channel

    Can't Cooking Vegetables breaks it's nutrition ??

  19. Hi good recipe can u tell me roughly how many calories a portion of this will be thanks

  20. It can b easily available at any grocery stores

  21. It is gehun ka rawa i.e wheat semolina

  22. Couscous kya hota hai in hindi?is it a broken wheat?

  23. I don't know

  24. What kushkush

  25. Nice voice mam

  26. Night Royal_BG Gaming

    Is cuscus a pasta

  27. Plzz tell me ye couscous Kya hai plzz reply

  28. are y to batay y kya bala h couse couse


    Nice voice ….

  30. Daliya kuskus ki matlab

  31. Couscous is basically tiny pasta pieces! Burgel or quinoa is better

  32. Khatoon Rukhsana

    Kya khush khush dalia

  33. Srikanya Tammana

    What is couscous?

  34. Aradhana Sharma

    what is this incredible? ???

  35. y cous cous kya hota h

  36. Pushpa Rankawat

    isko gehu ka daliya bolte hai kya

  37. Pushpa Rankawat

    yeh kya hai mem or yeh kaha milega plz reply

  38. Balvinder singh

    Can I use dalia

  39. Mam ye couscous KY hai??

  40. Poonam Malhotra

    Madam please batiye ki couscous kiryana ki dukan se milaga ye kahi daliya to nahi hota

  41. whole day receipe. plz and one more thing what we can eat or not plz reply as soon as……its my humble request

  42. cuscos mean

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