Episode 6: Hot Vegan Breakfast Ideas!

Hi guys, back again with favs you might think you have to give up but nope! French Toast, Morning Fries, Pancakes,Grits, Eggs, and Sausage! As always let me …


  1. Great show!…I love what you're doing here…you've done a wonderful job, keep on going!

  2. Is there vegan syrup

  3. we love a vegan sista! If you like, come check my page out for recipes. -Vegan Brotha

  4. Thank you!!

  5. Great video, nice choices

  6. I'm so going to do the hash recipe, and that French toast

  7. I'm so going to do the hash recipe

  8. Soo much in this one episode. Just added to my saved videos list! Thanks Erin!!!!

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