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  1. Casey Commerford

    awesome video Hannah:) my dinner plans just changed dough is rising as I write. BIG love from Australia

  2. Hazel Juanita Millan-Hoffman

    I can't wait to try this! Do you think it would work cooking on a BBQ grill when camping?

  3. the looks so good!

  4. Holy YUM!!!!!!!

  5. Wow this looks amazing!!!!

  6. Christina Schaefer

    I want pizza NOW!!!! lol looks SO GOOD =)

  7. holy cow that looks delish!!

  8. The pizza looks amazing! But I must know, what song is this?

  9. Its interesting, you end all your sentences with question marks…

  10. How long did you cook the pizza for? 🙂

  11. Wow!! I also made an epic vegan pizza tonight. I used some leftover mac n cheese I made with cashews the other night as the cheese and added mushrooms onion pepper homemade tomato sauce. It was incredible!! Gonna have to try your recipe, especially the dough, it looks outta this world!

  12. Looks great! Just one question: why do you avoid oil?

  13. Finally a 10 from Derek!! Looks delicious!

  14. that looks so bomb ima try this

  15. Awesome video. Great recipe. Love when Derrick immediately loves it. You two are so genuine and sweet together. Now…why do you almost grit your teeth when you are talking?! You are so beautiful inside and out! It masks an energy of anger or discontent…just wanting to mention it.

  16. omg Derek's face when he saw the pizza!!! the best hahaha 🙂

  17. Derick's face @9:53 Mmm! Says it all! Super yummy!

  18. Dammm! For sure! Home run!

  19. Frying pan vegan cake!!

  20. High Carb Hanna How did you get the pizza out of the pan in one piece? Did you have to use two spatulas?

  21. That looks amazing!

  22. I cant wait for my sons to make that for me!  They love to cook, VEGAN!

  23. Hell Yeah finally another pizza. Red Thai Curry was amazing I made it like 5 times already in the last Month lol.

  24. Looks so good! Beautiful Photo! I love how you make anything you want even though you don't have an oven! Congrats on getting your solar panels hooked up and I am so jealous of your off the grid living! I keep telling my husband we have to sell everything and go live off the land and he is like – eh not so much lol! BTW – pay no attention to the haters. People are freaking RUDE.

  25. California Mountain Art And Life

    You guys could get a roaster oven. I live in a small apartment, but the regular oven has always had issues since they hooked it up. I asked them to look at it twice, but they never were able to fix it. The stove top works, but not the oven part. So I just use a roaster oven for baking things, which is really nice because these plug into an outlet, and are pretty compact.

  26. I made the Parmesan cheese to have on my pasta today. Omg I think I could eat it by the spoonful.

  27. was just reading some of the comments and the thought occurred to me that you might try wilting the broccoli and spinach and kale in another Skillet before spreading it on and that way the vegetables wouldn't be so crunchy if you weren't shooting for a you raw type Pizza

  28. Have you guys ever used a camp oven? I think this would turn out great on hot coals and would be less likely to burn on the bottom, more even cooking. You seem to have plenty of spare wood lying around☺️this really does look so delicious, you are so creative in the kitchen…

  29. hey Hannah, essentials for yeast dough…….water, yeast, flour, salt and sweetener. Salt is essential because it stops overgrowth of yeast and it needs something sweet to feed on. use dates ground up, applesauce, maple syrup or whatever, just don't leave it out. Also, before time began bread was kneaded. you don't need a machine!! knead about 5 to 8 minutes for a better bread.

  30. Whats up with her husband's skin? Is that acne, freckles, or sunburn?

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