Epic Vegan Breakfast | THE HAPPY PEAR

Our family has a tradition that every Christmas they go all out and make an huge breakfast for everyone and we always get left in the corner eating porridge.


  1. Katrijn Cramer

    Add ‘black salt’ and the scrambled egg WILL taste like real scrambled egg

  2. D'Ajirae Gaddy

    I love spinach and that mushroom with it looked so good.

  3. Good tempeh is stupidly expensive in Australia. Well in Queensland it is. It’s so tasty I wish it were cheaper!

  4. tamari everywhere xD

  5. Think you guys need to go to TA (Tamari Anonymous)

  6. Tabata Queiroz

    you can add black salt on the scrambled tofu. it'is gonna give a great tasty and smell of real egg

  7. hey guys! Totally in love with all your videos/recipes. I'm a little bit stuck with my breakfast.. Bread and oatmeal is getting boring. So my question is; what is a simple and nutritional breakfast you guys often consume? Would love to hear feedback on this.

  8. This is a copy cat video!!! @Avantgardevegan

  9. Lorraine Ukleya

    Is there a substitute for the oil in recipes they all look delist ?

  10. You boys really like your Tamari huh?? 😛 X

  11. That was me when I first went vegan. All I could think to do in the morning was eat oatmeal and bananas. The beans in this are awesome. I had to use peppers instead of onions and I omit garlic as well but it still came out good. The spinach and mushrooms are good too.

  12. As an Indian I would really like to know how to get the tinned version of them beans cause here we don't get anything tinned it's all in the packets. So what shall I do to make this dish with the packet beans, soake then overnight?

  13. Who's got time to piss about with all this in the morning?

  14. If you use nutritional yeast and garlic powder with your scrambled tofu it develops a semi-eggy flavour.

  15. sorry guys, too much salt, too much oil and burnt. no go.

  16. Awesome vid and great time gentlemen. That was so fun to watch.

  17. I love the recipes in your book.

  18. 1. cook enough food for four people
    2. dish up two plates
    3. eat of the same plate

  19. I'm going to make the beans for my 5 year old.  Other recipes to 'hide' veg for kids would be great!

  20. Maaannn u guys love ur oil….

  21. mmmm looks great!

  22. Your recipes are wonderful, I have made several. One problem, I'm what you call a pensioner and live alone. Your recipes all make quantities large enough to feed the IRA. Any chance of some recipes on a smaller scale?

  23. Love this video! And I also love infusing the oil and sauteed onions with spices

  24. Hi again, forgot to ask – which tofu do you use? Do you have a release date yet for your next cookbook? Thanks guys love your videos… keep them coming they are very inspiring or as my son would say awesome!

  25. Hi Guys, big thanks for anither inspirational video. I have tried everywhere to find fresh or frozen tempeh and can’t source it. Can you suggest an alternative or do you have a recipe to make it?

  26. Global Sound Promotion

    Totally making this. I've made srambled tofu often it's delish! I would advice tot start of frying the scrambledtofu for quite a while in the pan before moving it around in the pan. After it has a nice 'crunch' to it it's time to start adding the kurkuma. Also mixing it in with some veg stock powder rly give it that salty hit to give it more of an egg vibe.

  27. Looks yummy dudes, rainbow on a plate. Is the blue book your first one?

  28. Tamari for breakfast haha

  29. Could you bake the tempeh and sausages on a silicon mat?

  30. Elaine Swanson

    Hey! FYI steaming your tempeh before you marinate it will soften them up and allow more absorbtion of flavorrrrr.

  31. Georgina McEwan

    Sorry if you guys have already collaborated with him before but have you ever spoken to Avant Garde Vegan? You guys could do some awesome videos together. He uploaded a vegan fry up a few months back too.

  32. no matter how many times i try tofu i just cant like it

  33. Chandanee Mistry

    moral of this video: add tamari to everything

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