Enjoy Vegetarian MANGALOREAN BREAKFAST At 96-Year-Old Taj Mahal Restaurant | Mangalore | Food Lovers

Breakfast #GourmetOnTheRoad #MangaloreanCuisine Although popular for its seafood delicacies, Mangalore is also home to some of the oldest culinary …


  1. 5am to 10 pm hats off to the workers.

  2. Awesome veggies

  3. Nothing very special…….very mediocre…

  4. we had been here last may but didn't know abt all the special dishes…we had regular dosa and idli. …next tym will definitely try all the delicacies. thanks for sharing

  5. priyanka mandolkar

    Very tempting !!!! very nice vedro Thanks for sharing

  6. Went there when I was in school, 50 years on, brought back memories. Thank U

  7. Awesome presentation ND anchoring. I Lv the way you present sir.. Karnataka not only famous for the as well as rich in culture also.

    Different districts ND different cuisine

  8. Dangerous Dave Anand

    Nice presentation.

    Taj Mahal usually serve Thuppa dosa and other savoury items with slightly watery coconut chutney.
    The pudina chutney is normally served for the AC/family room customers.

    Similarly, the filter coffee is usually served in a steel tumbler.

    Filter coffee in ceramic cups is usually served to AC/family room customers.

    Next time ask them to serve hot thuppa dosa with coconut chutney and filter coffee in a steel tumbler.

    Both are AMAZING.

  9. very wonderful culinary world

  10. Awesome presentation and review

  11. Man thanks a lot I had been to Taj 2 years back & enjoyed to core … awesome just pure love for Good food

  12. I had all that in udupi plus even cooked myself at home.. even the one I cooked was a better one

  13. do more vegetarian restuarent reviews. nice.

  14. Next time when i vl go 2 m'lorevi vl try most often i vl go because my d2ter is studying dere


    Loved this episode. Nostalgic.

  16. Yummy one of the best video. Love the way you presented the video. No overacting unlike other channels. Please do udupi hotels.

  17. This all looks delicious. But since my last trip to India, I've become intolerant to gluten. Are there any gluten-free items I can eat apart from dosa and idli? I hope to return in 2020, I love this channel as it's reminding why Indian cuisine is the best in the world.

  18. buns seem like bhatura of north india

  19. biscuit roti of manglore seem like kachori of rajasthan

  20. The address and location is mentioned in the comments! Do tell if you enjoyed the video and also tell us which city, restaurant or food street we should visit next! 🙂

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