EGYPTIAN FALAFEL SANDWICH WRAPS: Delicious Middle Eastern Vegetarian Street Food in Waterloo, London

This is Waterloo’s “Best Kept Secret” Falafel Wrap place: i.e the people who need to know, know about it !!! The other people can carry on going to get their …


  1. There's always a strong element of speed to these falafel vendors, I'm not sure whether I prefer the ultra speed of the "line cook" style preparation or these slower two man jobs where you can have a word and some service with a smile while you wait. Either way, looks like some good grub.

  2. They have a system going on here, super efficient service and the food looks really good too!

  3. How come you manage to post videos simultaneously from 2 different countries?

  4. Entertainment Worldz

    nice video boss

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