Eggless Plum Cake – Natrual Fruits – Indian Recipes – Andhra Telugu Vegetarian Food Cuisine Vantalu

Exhaustive recipe text in English available on Ingredients: Maida — 150gms …


  1. Vidya Srinivasulu

    u have used steel cup

  2. Hi Gayatri garu.. Its very healpful thank you. Please can you tell for how many days we can store this cake?

  3. Hi, I made the recipe …it was delicious and easy.Thanks.

  4. Chandana Pradheep

    Yes, you can use borosil glass utensils in oven.

  5. Hi Gayatri.. Nice recipe. Had one quick question. Can we use glass utensils on Convection mode of Samsung ovens?

  6. my mom tried this… its really tasty… thanks for the upload!!!

  7. Anjana Ramanpillai

    very nice. i made it. thank you.

  8. Hi Gayatriji, very nice recipe…will try it out today…god bless…

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