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  1. This is kadalai maavu dosa right?

  2. This is Besan Chilla and not eggless omelettes- try not to misguide people

  3. People like us doesn't know this recipe .. whatever may b the name omlette or besan chilla whatever let her prepare, few ppl r learning.. creating a very new recipe is not at all possible for any human being.. b practical frnds

  4. Veerendranath Choudary

    It is one kind of Dosa. Not an Omelette

  5. Nice

  6. Delicious egg omelette! I make this ver oft and it is so tasty! 😀

  7. What the hell is eggless omelette ??… chutiya samjh rakha h kya sabko…

  8. I don't think u know what's an omlette

  9. can I know your yellow cup quantity pls?

  10. We call it besan chilla. Also, no need of maida. We can make it only with besan. I make it almost every weekend

  11. This is almost similar to besan Chila recepie..hate hate hebbars..

  12. Can we make all batter together for multiple omelette or batter should be made for every single omelette

  13. it's superb … I'll also try this recipe

  14. People like myself love her bcoz she interacts very less and creates a curiosity!not to mention her straight to the point recipies!keep going madam!

  15. wow

  16. If she is archana then who is hebbar

  17. Healthy school lunch Town

    Nice breakfast

  18. Eggless omelette. Mindless people. Videoless video.

  19. u r very talented

  20. U don't call it omelette if there is no egg in it

  21. Great recipe but I'd rather call it besan chapati.. Eggless and omelette are two mutually exclusive terms…

  22. Viju'sFoodandHealth

    Nice recipe

  23. Besan dosa that looks like an omelette, but it isn't!

  24. TastyLife - KnowYourself

    love it… going to try it..

  25. Is baking powder is necessary or we can add fruit salt instead of it

  26. bit of an oxymoron…dont u think?

  27. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  28. If u keep on posting such unhealthy stuff u will loose most of ur subscribers
    U have to connect with ur audiences by interacting with them
    For god sake muh se kuch to bolo!

  29. Is that baking soda necessary..

  30. Lots of baking soda ..not good for health

  31. But it won't taste like egg

  32. Please show your facr

  33. cupcakelove forever

    All your recipes are so unhealthy. Filled with high fat content.

  34. I love all ur dishes a lot thnx for sharing!!

  35. This recipe is an insult of Omlette, Besan Cheela

  36. make vdo on dalkhicdi recipie

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