Egg Sandwich Recipe – egg salad sandwich recipe – Indian Healthy breakfast ideas and Egg recipes

Indian egg recipes – egg salad sandwich is a quick breakfast and kids snacks ideas. This egg sandwich can be quick starter or appetizer for picnics or parties.


  1. can ve make stuffing in night and use it in morning and what is the other option for lettuce

  2. breakfast recipies

    nyc… recipie .. subsci-ribed me too

  3. I tried experimenting with this recipe it's really delicious and best suitable for breakfast. Fast and easy thanks for sharing. – Farid

  4. Yummy

  5. thanks a ton . u make my life easier than before

  6. green chillies? o_O wut???

  7. can I use red onions

  8. Dhineshkumar Sundararajan

    Very nice for kids who avoid yellow 

  9. Sabitha Sreedhar

    hello shilpi, is it homemade mayonnaise or from shop.

  10. Hello Shilpi, Are you re uploading your old videos? Did your videos get deleted? I like watching your videos and have tried many of your recipes. So, I am wondering what happened!

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