Egg & Potato Breakfast Skillet | HEALTHY BREAKFAST IDEAS

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  1. I made this for my parents for the first time and they loved it! thankyou 🙂

  2. Have you tried shakshuka? It's seriously to DIE for! Especially making it super spicy Mmm Mmm now I want it

  3. William Robinson

    Instead of putting a lid over the eggs which steams them and burns the potatoes just put the pan in a 375 degree oven for about 8 minutes,it will also brown the potatoes .

  4. this looks great i'm definitely making this on Saturday thanks!

  5. My new favorite, thank you health nut.

  6. Yummy looks delicious

  7. Gabriela Garcia

    Im so going to make this . it looks so good.
    but what else can I add besides mushrooms. I dislike mushrooms?

  8. Looks like a great breakfast!

  9. Used to be Pancakes with sausages or my moms scrambled eggs with buttered toast on the side, or her omelette with mushrooms and spring onions. Now with my hectic life it's got to be quick and more substantial so it's my epic smoothie followed by fruit for lunch.

  10. Chelsea Sweithelm

    I made this today for breakfast and my boyfriend and I LOVED it!! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Thank you so much So, I made this today but I subbed sweet potatoes instead, added turkey sausage, and omitted the leg on it, but I fried a egg and sat it on top of my bowl. Thank you for the idea, oh and I did guac instead of salsa on the side, and no mushroom. It was Delish!!!! u awesome for this idea

  12. My dad makes it better but I like ur way too

  13. Even though I don't like runny egg yolks, this looked pretty good.

  14. Eggs really aren't healthy though. They're full of saturated fats and studies have shown that eating eggs everyday is equivalent to smoking 5 cigarettes a day in terms of how they damage your health. This isn't an opinion you can browse through and read for yourself.

  15. Perfect brunch for the snow day we're having in NYC today!!! 😀

  16. Definitely trying this, looks very delicious!!!

  17. Sarah Elizabeth

    Thank you for making a channel with healthy foods that aren't vegan! They are so hard to find these days and I appreciate your balanced view on nutrition!

  18. Krystina Margherita

    Definitely making this on Friday morning.


  20. Amazing vid

  21. Nice video

  22. Yes I love making this type of recipe.I'm happy I can eat egg again that's where I get Vit. D.Thank you again for sharing n God bless!

  23. delicious this will be another receipe that I'll try

  24. my kind of recipe! eggs any time of day!!!

  25. Christina Resillez

    Looks delicious!

  26. how are these left over. i may have to cut the recipe in half … 😉

  27. Instead of healthy you could say "feel good" if that's it makes you feel! Because although I appreciate this recipe (and I'm vegan) eggs are the opposite of healthy…!

  28. Declan Garrity

    news flash eggs aren't healthy. You can't even advertise egg products as healthy. FDA bans it.

  29. You should share what you eat on youtube

  30. this is amazing!!! I don't have white potatoes so I may try with sweet potatoes!

  31. 뮤니로그Muna In Slovenia

    looks so good! really need to make it!!

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