Eating Vegetarian Food | Eating Show

Eating vegetarian food mukbang.


  1. try tje T-Rex burger from Wendy's.

  2. she looks like sjes choking or confused after she swallows

  3. Derek Del Fante

    Mr. Bob can you please review the new Shrimp from Popeyes?

  4. lol at waiting until she leaves and giving it a 2

  5. Undercover Bubba

    Did you eat it all out tho?

  6. Damn…. she knows how to take big bytes….. bob you should learn from her…

  7. I love bob right back at u

  8. You are a Master Bob…..rite back achuuu..

  9. Man, I love this girl! She's cute and she looks like a lump of cheese! Yummy!!!

  10. is she your girlfriend Bob?

  11. Alfredo Andrade

    Hey Bob are you a uber driver…..

  12. $5 for that thing? A bit overpriced.

  13. Derek Del Fante

    Glad to see that you're uploading more videos on a regular basis, Bob. Keep up the good work and please continue to upload videos more frequently!

  14. bob you should do a car tour video or a kitchen tour of your house to show us more of your life behind the sccenes ! righ back atchu

  15. Bob drives an older Chevy Equinox.

  16. PressThatPRTSCButtone

    not to offend you but you look like you got fatter based on your older video thumbnails my man

  17. Alright! Another collab with the cutie Ericka! That's one healthy ass meal Bob, looks pretty good, but I bet a proper meat pocket would be better lol.

  18. 5 to 4 to 3 to 2 lmao Bob

  19. Driving Miss Duncey

  20. Right back at chu bob!!!!

  21. I'm glad that you tried something new Bob. Right on man and right back at you!

  22. Right back at'chu two!

  23. Right back at you my nigga i see you

  24. 1st!!!! Another awesome video by Bob!!! I love all of your videos! Always ignore the idiots and 13 year olds on here leaving sexual comments! Right back at you!!

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