Eating Vege-Way Vegan Fast Food @hodgetwins

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  1. Vege-Way, the place to go if you're CUTTIN'

  2. Do a taco and burrito challenge

  3. I’m a meat lover!

  4. One Real Ass Nigga

    It’ll be nasty at first but the more you throw meat out your taste buds make a big change. I was a sugar head and now I barley crave candy

  5. boys is gettin skinny fat again lol

  6. Sht video by meaningless twins


  8. Why substitute meat if you don't eat it….I don't get some folks.

  9. you guys plzz try out the sluttyvegan restaurant

  10. The burger couldn’t have been that bad to throw them away lol

  11. Why do vegans say we aren't supposed to eat meat, then make their food look just like meat

  12. Maaaaaaannnn y'all don't give Fresno any love. Smh

  13. What’s up with Keith’s hairline

  14. Yall eat scavengers ass slices and chicken periods every morning…how can you bear that?

  15. I only slept half the night cuz im cuttin.

  16. lol yall need to go to Monty's in LA. The shakes n burgers are amazing there.

  17. killin chicken aint humane thing to do man

  18. "The only thing that's good about the shake is its cold". Hilarious!!!!

  19. Best moment when Keith say "deey yo go" 2:48

  20. Anthony Gannatti

    there a bunch of con artists
    30 bucks for soybean is insane

  21. they use almond milk or soy

  22. $30? Fuck that

  23. Why dont you wear your merch anymore?

  24. I would of just ate the fries

  25. Hodgetwins!!!!

  26. Rocksparadox From the blocks

    lame food review and the commentary was truly fcktarded.
    This show has been slipping.

  27. They was Gaaay 6:56

  28. Vegans lmao wow. They certainly are a bunch of homos.

  29. $30 to feed 2 people with fast food? :/

  30. Wack. Tell that to Patrick Baboumian.

  31. Thank you for your show. I watch exercise videos but I can slack on the actual real life workout part.

    It's too bad you don't like the veggie burger. For me, instead of eating foods like this that are designed to taste much like conventional western diet foods, I personally switched entirely to whole food-plant based diet (no meat, no oil, no dairy, no refined grains, no high fructose) 20 months ago. On the Mcdougall diet called Starch Solution. The foods which taste pretty bland to other people do not taste bland to me any longer. It's a hard concept to conceive, and I didn't believe it for many decades of my life.

    What I discovered:
    * I am now fully satiated by basic, whole food-plant based foods 20 months now, after a period of acclimation.
    * I changed what I can be satisfied by, and you can, too (if you want to switch). I have no special discipline powers. I have even what I consider low discipline and got it done.
    * What helped me is to never eat the rich foods once eaten in the past, plus not to have them around during the diet switch.

    We see the same type of taste acclimation in migration of populations around the world. When Asians migrate to America, they eat our food and think is disgusting: you know, the fast foods or processed foods? Are they "wrong"? I personally don't think so. Then, when they go back to Asia after eating American for years, they think the Asian foods, the ones they used to be fully satiated by, are disgusting they are so bland. However, if they stay awhile they start to fully enjoy the foods. This isn't just a few people that have this experience, it's almost everyone that switches, in either direction.

    I'm not saying you would be happy by my diet or that you even want to switch, but believe me when I say that when I eat my foods which are basic, home cooked ones, I am fully satiated. Homemade whole wheat bread with a little salt. Whole wheat pasta with some salt.

    I did it for health and met my goals: My weight is 141.4 lb and was like 193 before. Steady at this weight for at least 6 months now. Waist size is 31.75", and used to be like 38". I did it for cholesterol lowering and it went from 191, near high to 118, which some consider virtually heart attack proof. I feel better. I'm a believer now.

    Thanks again for the great videos. Funny stuff!

  32. Those aren't pickles. They were cucumbers. LOL! Almond milk?

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