Eating Vegan Fast Food for 24 Hours | What Chris Eats in A Day

We thought it would be fun to do a “What Chris Eats In A Day” but challenge him to eat ONLY fast food. Let’s do itttt. – OPEN FOR MORE – ⋇ Starbucks Vegan …


  1. Add guac and potatoes to your next crunch wrap….game changer!

  2. Fun video! Thanks for sharing this. Haha when Chris wasn’t almost gonna share his burger but had a change of heart. So glad y’all went back to return the taco. I’m in California and my hometown doesn’t have many vegan options. But my fiancé and I figured it out. Chipotle, Luna Grill, Pho soup, Blaze Pizza,
    Pieology. Vegan options are becoming more accessible in mainstream restaurants. It’s awesome!

  3. Now I’m hungry…lol

  4. We are simple taco Bell people bean burritos no cheese add rice or potatoes. You guys must of done this before snowmageddon 2019 lol

  5. When you get the Crunchwrap, you gotta add potatoes and guacamole! Soo good

  6. Veganism is a toxic and hegemonic ideology. Please deal with your privilege guilt in a way that doesn't ultimately demand the utter destruction of EVERY human cuisine culture in existence. So f#@!%ing elitist.

  7. Yesss definitely part 2!

  8. Yaaaas the best!! such a coincidence bc i got taco bell just the other day!! Potatoes make it 10000x better. ALSO I think this is what will convince more people to go vegan, how easy, cheap, yummy, and convenient vegan fast food can be! LOVED this video. It def. made me feel better because I'm not always a healthy vegan, I eat out a lot and it helps to know that I'm not alone in my eating habits lol <3

  9. Yum! Wish our Hardee's (Carl's Jr) had beyond burgers!

  10. Power veggie burrito, make it fresco, add potatos! Soooo good! Something about grilling the burrito takes it to the next level. Taco bell original sauce always!!

  11. Perpetually Annoyed

    Man, every time I go to Taco Bell, they screw up my order. I just pull over in the parking lot and check everything over and then go through the drive-thru again.

  12. Chris taking the first bite of the beyond burger made me lol

  13. My hubby and I eat the Beyond fro Carl's Jr at least 3x a week now a days… It's so good! Just like Chris, my hub had to order the double on the 1st try.. it is way better with just the one.. I too add in french fries… to everything! hahaha Love you two, thanks for the awesome videos all the time. <3

  14. Hi guys, great video! It would be great to see more videos with you both trying vegan products from different places and a variety of food like pizza, ice cream, vegan food from you favorite places or supermarkets

  15. Jessica Thorlakson

    Love it. You missed the key with the 7 layer burrito- adding potatoes. Though it was years ago, so I am not sure if they are still vegan. Anyhow, fun video style!

  16. untoasted bagels are not ok

  17. My boo and I are on the road a lot and we ALWAYS get vegan Taco Bell. Never fails. We get fresco bean burritos, crunch wrap, and the veggie power menu burrito. When I approach the drive thru, I just pull up "vegan at taco bell" through Google which is book marked on my phone LOL.

  18. Thanks for sharing, though now I'm hungry. 🙂 Would love to see a Part 2!

  19. You gotta add potatoes to the crunch wrap brooo!

  20. Taco Bell was my favorite before I was vegan and it definitely still is. Love that place! For some reason I can’t do the avocado spread at Starbucks. Tastes too fake to me. Great video!

  21. Ok! So for 2019 is going to be your last day of fast food? Hope so cause there is nothing healthy

  22. At Taco Bell, try adding more stuff. When I rider the Crunch Wrap Supreme, I veganize it, but I also normally add guacamole and potatoes.

  23. Yes Please It's Vegan

    Uffft that burger

  24. Did the beyond famous star come with special sauce? When I ordered it the cashier stated the sauce wasn’t vegan and to order w/o it.

  25. Wow that is super fantastic where are you all at that does beyond burgers at Carl's Juniors have to check that one out.

  26. Also i think you should try Del Taco's new vegan tacos!!

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