Eating Vegan Fast Food for 24 Hours #4

Today we are taking on the challenge of doing a full day of vegan eating but only at fast food spots! Watch all of our other vegan fast food vids here: …


  1. angela woodward

    The granola isn't vegan it has honey in it!!

  2. also jasmine I give you props for how you handle when Chris talks about “clean eating”” etc because I’ve struggled with an ED in the past and I know how tempting or distracting it can be when someone I love talks about dieting or what not but you handle it so well and I think it’s awesome that you don’t go back into those disordered eating patterns..and maybe Chris just watch what you say because it could be triggering subconsciously for jasmine but you guys know each other best obviously and I’m sure you’ve talked about it but just putting my two cents in. LOVE YOUR CONTENT AND YOU BOTH❤️❤️

  3. I can’t wait for the cruise video…we’ve been wanting to go on a cruise so that would help us so much with how to go about figuring out vegan options! have so much fun!

  4. You guys should check out the Holistic Holiday at Sea cruise! It’s all vegan! It’s yearly out of Miami. Usually in Feb or March. It’s pretty awesome!

  5. Alice InCrazyLand

    I’m starting to dabble more and more into zero waste, eating vegan/ less meat and dairy, and trying to all around reduce my carbon footprint. I gave up so many times because I couldn’t get it right and easily immediately but this time around I have accepted this will be a slow process to get used to and adjust to and figure out especially being married with two babies who aren’t as enthusiastic. I really enjoyed this as a small step up.

  6. are paper napkins not compostable in Portland? that's surprising


  8. LOVE Burgerville. Haven’t been since becoming vegan so I’m excited to go now for the milkshake and burger! Thanks for sharing:)

  9. Love these fast food vids. Never been on a cruise, but am looking forward to the cruise vid.

  10. I've been getting into going zero waste and I haven't seen a lot of other YouTubers actually showing going in and asking for food to be put in their own containers. I'm always so nervous to ask bc when I ask for no straw people are very confused and look at me weird. Portland is way more chill and like aware of that sort of stuff too which makes it easier But seeing you guys do this makes me less afraid to go in and bring my own containers! Next time I go out I'll try that and hopefully I can start doing it all the time!

  11. The Impossible Burger is good but I found out it has glysophate in it. Glysophate is toxic and cancer causing 🙁 Just wanted to let you know!

  12. Alyssa Martinez

    not sure how that square container was reasonable for putting an açaí bowl into lol it was too flat to even spread the açaí to be a bowl. you guys should've just brought an actual bowl. i love the sustainable effort though!

  13. No biggie with the AC on 🙂

  14. I love how u guys go through uncomfy situations to not use plastic 🙂 it’s awesome and I appreciate it. It inspires me to go out of my way to bring my own containers despite the judgemental people

  15. Hi, just so you know, "jipped/gipped" is a racial slur against Gypsies/the Romani people.

  16. You guys should go to Next Level Burger next time. It’s the all vegan fast food chain on Hawthorne.

  17. Danielle Curtis

    ben and jerry's has vegan milkshakes!

  18. Cant wait for the cruise video, I'm going on a cruise next year. I'm a vegetarian so I'm worried about just eating salad and fruit for a week.

  19. Love these. Can't wait for more of them, and to see/hear how the cruise went!

  20. Elizabeth Mcmeans

    jasmine is naturally gorgeous

  21. Check out Stella Taco, I think it's fast food enough. Their vegan mole tacos are bomb! Also, thank you for showing how good Burgerville is. I haven't had them since I was a vegetarian and have never tried their burger, so now I definitely want to try it.

  22. wishforinfinity

    Burgerville is also trying to prevent their workers from unionizing, just in case you're not aware!

  23. Was this filmed before Chris started his healthy eating?

  24. Małgorzata Bukowczyk

    Incredible zero waste commitment (I LOVE THAT!) and the new camera is bomb! In general, a great video!

  25. Big Sean The Don ASMR

    Idk how I’ve watched so many of your videos and wasted subscribed. #newsubbie but consistent viewer

  26. Andrii Shumskyi

    Thank you for doing a zero waste video!!!

  27. Del taco just came out with beyond meat tacos, you should try it! There’s one in Gresham and Hillsboro , maybe one in Portland?

  28. I love the Costco açaí bowl. We just got the al pastor vegan salad, so I hope to try that soon!

  29. We just went to Qdoba and was so excited to get the Impossible meat!!

  30. Hmmmmm! I wonder if the burger is cross contaminated with other meat patties?? Because of this I will not purchase 'vegan' burgers 🙂

  31. I’m going on a cruise in October, can’t wait to see what u guys eat on ur cruise!

  32. Y’all can save the wraps and papers and recycle ♻️

  33. This was great! Coincidentally, I had a Qdoba burrito with Impossible crumbles today. It was tasty, but realistic enough that I found it a little unsettling. Btw, I like your new camera, too. 🙂

  34. When I first went vegan, I went on a cruise shortly after with royal Caribbean and they were incredibly accommodating, much like your mother's experience. This was about 5 years ago, and every night the Maitre D came out and would figure out a complete meal for me for the next dinner, from appetizer, to dessert. They even made me a special vegan birthday cake. They also allowed me to have a tour of their allergen friendly kitchen and the behind the scenes of the food on board. So, I think it really is the luck of the draw being a vegan on a cruise. I hope it goes well for you guys on your trip!

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