Eating Vegan Fast Food for 24 Hours #3

We back for a part 3 of our Vegan Fast Food video since you all seemed to dig the first two! Should we do a part 4? Let us know below 🙂 – OPEN FOR MORE + …


  1. Shannon Walker

    starts driving to Ikea

  2. yes part 4, love this so much

  3. Brooke Francis

    i love these videos so much! you guys should try carls jr next! if you haven't yet, i can't remember. but they have a beyond burger!

  4. Vegan from Venus

    Good that your eating in the restaurants..this avoids you guys going back if they make mistakes xx

  5. Everything you guys got looked so good, I love how you gave healthy/cheap options!

  6. Well, I don't have an Ikea near me

  7. I love these videos as well as your what I eat in days

  8. Noms. I must go to IKEA and Del Taco ASAP! And Jamba and Baskin. Everywhere. All the vegan fast food. Gah, this just makes me so happy because fast food reminds me of my childhood and I love that I can get vegan versions.

  9. "Awww, look at this dog." – best! 🙂

  10. BYOC(heese) is a good idea, just like BYOM(ayo) is a good idea for burger places with vegan patties but lack vegan mayo. I hope we don't have to wait much longer for these big franchises to start offering vegan cheese and vegan mayo as options or by default to go with their vegan food. They're big enough to make their own versions if they don't want to use established vegan products like Violife or Vegenaise.

  11. I think you could have just called your actual IKEA and spoken to maybe the kitchen manager or something like that rather than calling general customer service on the main IKEA hotline. It just would make more sense for other individuals who are needing to find out the ingredients list to call their local IKEA. I feel like that would be the most efficient way to handle that.

  12. IKEA in Norway specifically say "vegansk" (which means vegan), thankfully. Stupid buns sometimes :') I eat at least 3 with everything on everyyytime, it's so yummy!

  13. Sorry for sounding like a vegan police, but is that a sheep skin in your car?

  14. and THIS is why I love jasmine and chris. They respond to constructive criticism and try their best to make changes- and not in a pushy, perfectionist way, but in a "we're doing the best we can for the sake of the environment" kind of way. They could have left out the Jamba Juice worker still producing waste or the ikea guy including the paper boats- but they didn't because they're real people who emphasize progress over perfection. I also appreciate this video and their balanced lifestyles PERIOD. So many are drawn to veganism because the loudest vegan voices on this platform advertise veganism by saying you can eat more for less calories and showing off their abs. That's how I was first exposed to veganism. As someone with an eating disorder trying the be in recovery I feel like I often can't escape the "clean eating" and diet culture that is engrained in some (many) vegan videos. Jasmine and Chris show veganism as what is is and should be- a way to reduce harm and environmental damage with the ability to produce a happier, healthier life. much love

  15. I grew up eating the daiquiri ice flavor from Baskin Robbins. It has always been my favorite flavor since the 70's!

  16. Oh other options are Garbanzo's, Jason's Deli, Which Witch (way better than subway), Freddy's, Smashburger, and Goodtimes (Colorado only as far as I know).

  17. I’m new to the family & I absolutely loveee you guys videos, also I’m trying to become vegan as well ! #helpsavetheearth

  18. I don't think an ice type ice cream can really fill in for something like a coconut or cashew based ice cream. That's hardly trying. My local place has lemon sherbet type stuff, no thanks, not interested. I want something that resembles real ice cream!

  19. Sooo many good things! In Austria we don't have as many Fast Food Stores like you in the US. I am a bit jealous!!! …and hungry 😛

  20. Does anyone knows the song at 21:20 ? 😀

  21. Are the ikea options nationwide or select locations?

  22. Love these type of videos! Would love to see more

  23. I love the Beyond Avocado Tacos. Add Pico and medium sauce, and the'y're perfect. It's so awesome to be able to revisit my old fast food days with that truly authentic taste!

  24. Carleigh Fryyy

    Ikea veggie balls are the best! I have to get back there & try their veggie dogs–hot dogs were my FAVORITE food as a kid!

  25. I went Ikea for the first time recently and had the same thoughts about their food! And I also brought my reusable utensils and was pleasantly surprised with the low waster experience. I'm even going to have a Ikea veggie ball hero dinner tonight!

  26. There no Baskin robin here in the UK, the only big fast food place where you can order ice cream is Ikea (Ikea more of a restaurant than a fast food place but it the only close thing) and it probably not going to come out till summer or later.

  27. MovieGeekArtFreak91

    hi.I'm super fan of your YouTube channel.I really enjoyed watching all the videos that you guys upload on your YouTube channel.I really admire that you guys take the time to edit and upload them on the YouTube channel.I just love seeing vegan recipes and vegan fast food guys are awesome.keep up the great work.

  28. Christine Palm

    I used to always get daiquiri ice every time when i was a kid

  29. I love these kinds of videos espically considering I’m doing a cross country road trip this summer. It’s nice to know I’ll have vegan options on the road.

  30. Love these videos!

  31. Celina Bond - Dating Coach

    is the beyond meat/vegan options more expensive or less/same than the original?

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