Eating Vegan Fast Food for 24 Hours #2 | What Chris Eats in A Day

We are doing a part 2 of our Vegan Fast Food video since you all seemed to dig the first one! Should we do a part 3? Let us know! – OPEN FOR MORE …


  1. I am newly plant based and I appreciate these videos so much!! Keep them coming! Many blessings you guys are great! ❤️

  2. the spinach wrap which is what I get is also vegan

  3. Here's more vegan options at Panera:

    It was shared in a vegan group on Facebook from a Panera employee. Still credible today.

  4. Anu Ravindranath

    Clicked on this so fast

  5. That article was WRONG who lied

  6. Great video! It amazes me when you call a restaurant about having Vegan Food they go what? I have run into getting food a few places if I didn't check my food it has cheese. butter etc. I've lost count how many times I've returned it……… I don't even feel bad about it hahahahah.

  7. I really appreciate you guys doing these fast food videos. I'm an Uber driver and often end up eating on the road. You got me hooked on the vegan version of the Taco Bell crunch wrap in your last vid. Can't wait to try these new options!

  8. For subway, what I order is: white bread, skip meat, skip cheese, toasted a little bit, all of the vegetables, sweet onion dressing, and black pepper.

  9. Subways Italian dressing is vegan too at most locations!!

  10. It was so perfect bc after getting mad at the soup saying “mother ——“ it cut to a commercial lmaoooo

  11. Y'all could always get your food "for here" but bring your own to-go containers to take everything home so you don't have to feel weird about filming in public and create less waste 🙂

  12. The falafel at subway is Aight ..not great but not bad. Furthermore HOPE YOUR STILL PRACTICING GUITAR #MyFingersHurt lol

  13. Lol the Burger King hash browns are REALLY GOOD too

  14. Yeah I hate Panda Express. They’re one of the absolute worst vegan friendly restaurants I have ever been to.

  15. From what I’ve read, the Beyond Burger is available at all Carl’s Jr.’s but not at Hardee’s. So that sucks for the eastern side of the US

  16. I live in Canada and i work a couple times a year on the road and 3 years ago it was a mess trying to find fast foods that had vegan stuff that also my coworkers would want to eat. And now just the fact that we have beyond burgers in a&w makes it so much easier and my coworkers are eating beyond burgers too wich is really cool! Is there no vegan patty in subway in the US? Ok i got there now and i'm really not sure wich one was in my sandwich but it looks like the black beans patty.

  17. ❤️ u guys

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