Eating vegan at fast food places, just like the title says. Today we do a little lifestyle vlog driving around in search of vegan food at fast food restaurants. We hit …


  1. you guys are vegan and were singing blue october wtf be my friends

  2. I eat vegan fast food a lot. Very easy. Almost too easy…

  3. you two are sooo funny. i had to subscribe. <3 <3 #couplegoals

  4. I do mukbangs amigos!!!!

  5. 4:11 you're missing the fucking meat patty. Miss me with that gay vegan shit.

  6. candlelight4ever16

    BTW!! The guacamole burger or any of the thickburger buns have an egg wash so they are not vegan! All you have to do is ask for a seeded or plain bun instead of a fresh baked bun though. And the crisscuts are often times cooked in the same oil as the chicken

  7. I worked at Carl's Jr. they spray those buns with butter before baking them and also put butter on them again before putting them in the toaster

  8. I read on what's in the a&w veggie burger and there is eggs and milk products 🙁 :(

  9. God loves you dearly! He always has His arms wide open

  10. if you go to taco bell what ever you order say fresco style and theyll replace all dairy products with onion tomatoe and cilantro:)

  11. lol goals my boyfriend needs to be veg asap

  12. She looks like Aspyn Ovard

  13. Awesome!

  14. Aw I love you two! I'm vegan and live in Canada, what area do you live in? ☺️

  15. but mocha has milk in it so it's not vegan…

  16. goalss

  17. p.s. the best Taco Bell vegan burrito that i have come up with is a beefy fritos burrito with black beans instead of beef, no nach cheese sauce, add potatoes, and grilled. LIFE CHANGING AND ITS UNDER $2!

  18. DUUUUUUDES i work @ starbucks and every day i get a blueberry oatmeal w/ steamed soy milk instead of water. its creamy and delish and super flavorful. try it next time.

  19. And in the crunch wrap I always sub meat for beans no cheese or sour cream and ADD potatoes, guacamole, and Latin rice and I sometimes eat it with mild sauce oh and their cinnamon twists are vegan too

  20. Actually If you want milk in your oatmeal from Starbucks you can just ask them and they'll do it and also I've gotten the chestnut praline with soy milk instead of coconut milk and it's 10x better because the soy milk is super frothy and creamy

  21. A&W is not vegan 🙁 it's vegetarian…booo

  22. you can get them to cook the patmeal with milk. i always get the blueberry oatmeal with steamed soy milk

  23. The Vegan Meal Diaries

    You guys are so lucky, the starbucks in the uk makes their porridge with milk -.-

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