Eating ONLY Vegan Food For A Whole Day | (STRESSFUL)

Hey my loves, this was such a fun video for me to film. I really hope you enjoy it! So much respect for you vegans out there! xxx Find me on – INSTAGRAM …


  1. Reese Maleking

    The way she cut the tomatoes are actually really smart I need to do that

  2. Georgia Richards

    Love you xxx

  3. Shannon Kaspers

    Eat out in west end Brisbane xx so many vegan places ☺️

  4. Portia Silwood

    I always put kiwi fruit in my green smoothies cause it has such a strong flavour and it really helps to mask the vege flavours xx

  5. I'm not 100% vegan because I eat fresh water fish nearly every day. I never eat fish from the sea (they have some levels of mercury), chicken, beef, lamb or any other kinds of meat. I live in Indonesia so it's really easy & cheap to purchase sooooo many kinds of fruits & vegetables. I don't trust anything coming from a can/ bottle/ plastic. I try my best to avoid ANYTHING factory-made and eat fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and real fresh water fish. Nothing from cans or anything. I just don't believe in them. Most Indonesians who cook traditional recipes stay healthy and live long lives. My #1 food is turmeric. I highly recommend it. I can't live a day without eating it. I incorporate it into my dinner every night. The benefits are endless. It does wonders to your digestive system, your overall health inside your body as well as boosts healthy, glowing, young skin and hair & nails. Almost all ancient and modern Indonesian medicinal traditions uses turmeric. It has been almost a year since I started eating turmeric every day and honestly my skin has never looked and felt young, fresh & glowing.

  6. Teaghan Coffey

    May contain is fine to eat unless it’s in the ingredients. Vegan mock meats aren’t the best most of the time unless your at a good restaurant. You would need at least 2 weeks of eating vegan to truely see how your body feels and even then it usually takes around 2 weeks for your body to adjust and then you start feeling the benefits after those two weeks. Going plant based was the best thing I ever did for myself and I couldn’t recommend it more. I’m not vegan but I’m vegetarian and I don’t eat dairy.

  7. Pleaseeee do another one of these !!

  8. Shani, the juice was bitter because you didn't cut the skin off of the lemon. The white part of the lemon is super bitter, so you want to peel that off and only putting in the lemon flesh in the juicer. The pineapple that you chopped up wasn't ripe as well. How you can tell if it is ripe and sweet, is when the outside of the pineapple is yellow and from the video, the pineapple was far from ripe 🙂 It's great seeing you try new things!! Keep it up!! 😀

  9. Ronja Bertilsson

    In the end your friend said (I did not hear very clear though) she do not think that we are designed to eat meat. But we actually are. Our digestion are designed to melt down the meat and our front teeth are made for ripping meat from animals meanwhile our teeth in the back are made for vegetables.

  10. I have the same white chopping board

  11. joahan kwkdqwww

    1 day wont do her justice, she should try for at least 1 week

  12. Melissa Van Rooyen

    When you take a sip of that juice I literally died I laughed so hard thank you so much my day has been made

  13. I’m you like to eat animal products and meat no one is stopping you, there is nothing stopping you, meat etc is still healthy so if that’s what make sud buys feel good then do it, u do u

  14. Emma Louise Tav

    Bahahahah just Michael driving home

  15. Perks of Being Avril


  16. why aren't you using a chopping board

  17. Maybe start by not using plastic bags…..

  18. prettylace2020

    YESSSS! I am trying to go vegan, please watch the doco earthlings and what the health! and then try vegan for a week and see how you go! X

  19. When it says this product may contain traces of egg or milk and things like that it just means that other products are made in the same factory that contains non vegan products

  20. Shani is actually soooo funny … is “sprite vegan I’m gonna be googling that “

  21. Clancy Phillips

    I wish I could go vegetarian or vegan. But I’m fructose intolerant and that cuts out so many fruits and vegetables

  22. Kaylyn Robinson

    Please check out Kalel's channel she is seriously the Vegan Queen.

  23. I love nutribullets for juices/smoothies. I feel like the juice machines takes out some of the goodness!!! Anyone else with me??

  24. shani where is your case from ? xx

  25. Jenna Malmquist

    Your juice was probably bitter from the lemon peel! Peel your citrus before you juice it!!!

  26. I love homemade vegan meatballs. My preferred ingredients are: tin of mixed beans (drained and rinsed), grated carrot, half a medium potato grated, onion, garlic, basil/oregano/, olive oil, breadcrumbs. In food processor mix onion garlic and herbs, then add carrot and potato and beans and roughly pulse (I find that over-mixing can make it harder to mold and cook), then with a fork mix through the olive oil and breadcrumbs until you have a mixture that is easy to mold in to balls. Fry or oven bake.

  27. molly gardiner

    okay look I actually love u so much, like favourite person ever, but y the plastic bag of a funk pineapple, like u going to eat the skin hun??? xox

  28. May contain is just for people severe allergies so the company can cover themselves of someone has a reaction 🙂

  29. Diana Calderon

    More vegan videos!!

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