Eating Korean Vegetarian Food – 3 Course Buddhist Meal in Seoul, Korea

Come join us for a 3 Course Buddhist Meal in Seoul, Korea as we try eating Korean Vegetarian Food for the first time on this trip. Normally, we eat Korean Food …


  1. Brandi Schmitz


  2. Maybe they were going for "subtle" [not bland]. Too bad you couldn't have tried the mild flavored dishes first to see how you liked them before moving on to the stronger flavored ones. It is kind of hard to appreciate clean tastes when your mouth is still tasting strong flavors from the previous food you just ate.

    Similarly, if you are ever buying a water purifier, you ALWAYS should want to taste the purified water first before comparing it to other water/municipal water which will have the chlorine smell and taste. If you taste the town water first, the after taste will carry over and mix with the clean water so the taste of the purified water won't be nearly as clean tasting as it would if you'd started with it in the first place.

  3. Keith Desantis

    Samuel is awesome but where is Audrey in this video? ☹️

  4. Thanks for your time to reply me! Well I went to see the small temple in Wan Chai and Yau MaTei but my favorite was the  very pretty and solemn temple near the big Budhha in Lantau Island I ate vegetarian foods there in the Budhhist Restaurant! We tried laso to trail at the Wisdom Path Trail ! next year may be I will visit japan and may be I can message you and Audrey for some tips! Thanks

  5. Whatever Nevermind

    Wow! It's interesting to see how the Korea prepared vegetarian meals. Don't mean to put you in the spot but Indian vegetarian food is better right??☺

  6. Sam…You and David opening up the Koreas….Exellent….I still miss your gorgeouse wife Audrey though….xxx

  7. Hey Sam, so you talk too much in Audrey's absence! 🙂 🙂 Keep it up boy! Vegetarian food is the best to avoid non-communicable diseases.

  8. is it true that Korea was really meant to be spelled as Corea?

  9. Wow, even though the Buddhist meal wasn't so flavorful for you guys, it looks pretty amazing! I love vegetarian meals, so this one looks like it's right up my alley. And you guys' trip to the war museum was so interesting. I know exactly what you mean – even when I have hours to explore museums, it's still rarely enough time because I always want to see everything!

  10. Interesting.

  11. J. I. Espindola

    food looks amazing but the girl next to you seems to be having a not so good time there heheheh

  12. I love to go to TEMPLES, like japan, Taiwan and Korea, I hava been in temples in Hongkong! Dreaming to see more and more temples! I love watching your videos Audrey and Samuel! More videos to watch soon , looking forward !

  13. Sweet!

  14. i think you are one of the happiest person in the world. because you have experienced various foods and culture all over the world.

  15. Koreans eat vegetarian food!!! OMG!! Impossible!!!

  16. Reminds me of a wondrous Asian/Buddhist ex-restaurant in Waterloo (Ontario). Sigh… Such purity in their dishes… Hard to describe.

  17. Wheel chair Mamma Prepper

    oh my gosh sam your melting and my husband was listening and he said after you said you were going to eat a vegi meal to eat something before you get there well that's my old man!!

  18. Anne Elizabeth

    Wow, that museum is breathtaking! So much history. And those lanterns at the end are crazy colorful.

  19. Finally a vegetarian food review for the vegetarians to enjoy! Thanks for this.. I encourage you to do more! Great video but definitely miss Audrey's presence 🙂

  20. woods seirading

    Koreans eating dog meat all the time. it's true. ugh….

  21. Cool meals guys 🙂 as always.. and you both guys just happy together !

  22. Fly with Jaouad

    Awesome video

  23. Fly with Jaouad


  24. We miss Audrey.

  25. John Kaczinski

    Samuel: Price of your meal, please.

  26. Keep the vids coming man! Cheers!

  27. The monastic food looks so good. I love the variety of foods! Keep sharing these videos!

  28. Awesome vid! First

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