Eating Indian Vegetarian Kabobs | Eating Show

Eating Vegetarian Food, older video.


  1. Lady I checked they was parked !!!!

  2. Why is E putting her seat belt on ?? Car not moving !!!!

  3. Audio does not match the mouth ???

  4. Why is the audio off with the video??

  5. I thought you said she wasn't autistic . We know your names Bob something's not right with that woman. I'd still fuck though

  6. Bob, that food really looked bangin'! I would have had some had you offered it to me!

  7. That looks pretty damn good. And she seems like a sweet heart.

  8. Her face tho

  9. 3:25 a lady serving her man.

  10. Can E do her own channel where she reviews foods and does like vlogs and stuff? She’s very….intriguing…

  11. E is awesome!

  12. ya gotta eat it all out bob, come on man!

  13. Bobby I’m worried about E she seems distant and lost, I hope everything is all right.

  14. This is the second time E had on sunglasses at night time. I think Bob made her cry.

  15. he gonna kill that pastrami sandwich later!!

  16. Fuck this Veggie bullshit. And tired of the way she running his life, swaying him away from BK…. Im done with Bob….bye

  17. Romeo and Juliet dont have shit on this lovey dovey couple. My eyes well up everytime I see the unconditional love between these two.

  18. Bob you gotta upload that pastrami sandwhich … get back at us

  19. Hello Bob from food use, great video and thank you for posting. Erica seems lovely and I absolutely love to see her care about your health and you care that she is comfortable and well fed.

  20. FoodUse.exe has stopped working

  21. Fan Poll: right back atu or is eat it all out the best catch phrase?

  22. She looks disgusted by food

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