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    1. in a microwavable bowl, add 1 tbsp water
    2. Add popcorn kernel as much you'd like
    3. Add salt (optional) (still tastes great with no salt)
    4. Cover with plastic wrap and poke many holes into it
    5. pop it into the microwave at high power for 3-5 mins

    there u have it, healthy asf popcorn, u can literally shove ur hands into the bowl and ur hands will come out clean, not a single drop of oil or grease


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  11. High Carb Hannah is easier to remember from your earlier videos, from the article in the newspaper. Please consider doing some videos with the authors of the book, The Vertical Farm by Dr. Dickson Despommier and African American, Majora Carter. The illustrations in the middle of the book are very interesting. Artists could listen to their favorite music while copying these illustrations and adding their own ideas. The Vertical Farm book could really benefit the people of Puerto Rico, if it were used properly. Your husband did a video on rain water recycling. Please do a full hour video on how to buy or make it yourself: 'dog buscuits' that you put inside a rainwater barrel in order to kill mosquito larvae without pesticides. They are not dog buscuits, they just look like Milkbone Dog Buiscuits. In an older video, you asked listeners, 'how do I get my dogs to stop eating cat poo?' My dogs stopped when I made a habit of leaving Milkbone Dog Buscuits on a paper plate, 24 hours a day. They really love the 'Dental Chews' Milkbone Dog Buiscuit.' I like the fact that the company is about 100 years old and contributes money to organizations that train dogs for the disabled. Consider making videos on how to make dog and cat food. This would be good for rural people. There is a You Tube video from a retired dog catcher in Mississippi. He feeds his dogs and cats frozen white fish called Talapia. I try to eat vegan but dogs and cats have to eat meat. Talapia is better than salmon or tuna because their going extinct. Dolphins and Whales need tons of salmon and tuna every day…The current high technology fishing boats scrape the bottom of the ocean and net up EVERYTHING. The cover about a zip code in width. They use sonar, like the navy, which is torture to dolphins and whales, disorients them, and causes them to get stuck and die on beaches all over the world. The Mississippi fish farmers said you must freeze the talapia fish at least 3 weeks in order to kill all possible worms. My dogs also like Purina chicken liver cat food. I would prefer some other company, but that is what they like, and what my cats like. There is a CBC news video on You Tube from Canada that warns dog owners to never buy Purina 'Chicken Jerky' because it slowly KILLS dogs. One of the ingredients is soap. It is probably made in China. Many of your videos could probably help the people in Puerto Rico, and similar situations – try to keep the name 'Living In a Box' for your original videos because it is easier to remember. Please watch and discuss with your husband, on You Tube, your reactions to the 2015 documentary, 'Pump.' If every city used the Ethanol and Methanol technology in 'Pump' there might be an end to landfill trash dumps; fires at yard and farm waste dumps; all oil drilling and shipping accidents coming to an end (the latest killed about 30 men in the ocean near China (and 'accident?'). Please watch and discuss on You Tube, your reactions to the 2016 film 'Deep Water Horizon' with the daughter of actress Goldie Hawn. Another idea: you and your husband could create your own free or low cost K-12 home school videos. 'Home Schooling' should be broadened in definition to reach all K-12 students who attend public schools but want more/better instruction after school, weekends, holidays, summer vacation, etc. Instead of competing with public school teachers, it would help students come to class prepared and focused. Obviously, the A students won't need these videos. Be patient. Talk slowly. Encourage students to repeat the video until they understand the information. Allow silence and pauses between phrases. Have a poster of a forest in the background to help calm the student and lower feelings of boredom and claustrophobia. You could expand your videos to showing two kids discussing class assignments. When home schooling is done well (I've heard interviews of kids and teens saying they like it much better than attending public or private schools) it can also cut down on the tons of junk food trash that blows into the storms drains, creeks, bays and oceans. If the parents feed their kids and teens from recipes made at home, they will eat less fast food with tons of throw away packaging. If they are going to eat fast food, the company 'Little Cesar's Pizza' is probably the best, with their cardboard packaging. Starbucks is probably the worst. They are going to fill the Mediterranean ocean with plastic containers, tops, and straws.

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