EAT MORE – WEIGH LESS #6 | Healthy Meals For Weight Loss // Vegan

Eat big, eat simple & ENJOY!! OPEN FOR RECIPES: Vivolife Protein link & discount code (the one I use) Link: Use: MILES10 for 10% …


  1. Here’s an incredible salad dressing you should DEFINITELY try: pomegranate molasses, salt, pepper, crushed garlic, lemon, olive oil and maple syrup

  2. I only found your channel a few weeks back but you've already inspired me SO MUCH to focus on including more healthy fats, greens, micronutrients etc into my diet and I already feel so much more satisfied and excited about my meals 🙂 also love your energy

  3. The brain needs cholesterol and fats. Who is this guy???? Holy hell

  4. Vegan Wife Hamlett

    Thanks for your food inspiration this morning. I made the Blueberry muffin smoothie for breakfast, so yum! Then went out to buy some soba noodles, just had to try that dish for lunch! Omg I think I just found my new favorite meal:)

  5. That salad is making my stomach growl. Looks soooooo good

  6. Happy Veganuary everyone. Miles please post more keto vegan videos. I'm grain free but want to remain plant based

  7. ouch, the slurping noise hurts my ears 🙁

  8. Evolution of Masha

    Delicious looking stew!

  9. If that’s to loose weight how do you maintain your weight because surely if you were eating like that all the time you’ll be loosing weight


  11. Elizabeth Sagewood

    Honestly if I hear one more person say "I'm trying this Keto thing" I'm going to snap. (And I don't mean vegan Keto either)….I've never seen so much animal based meals in my life. WTF is a fat bomb?? These meals look amazing and balanced with all the good healthy necessities. Thx Miles.

  12. Yet another great video Miles!! Thank you for spreading the message that healthy eating does not have to be complicated or time consuming.

  13. can you do a video about healthy weight gain?

  14. I definitely need to try these quick recipes with my little brother! He is unbelievably picky and stick thin, but if he has some personal freedom with cooking he'll eat anything. Thanks Miles x

  15. Katarzyna Łożyńska

    What abou the fiber overload? Dont you experience some negative signs? Berries, beans, green, LOTS of veggies and others are great source of fiber and they are healthy AF but those quantities…. you know what I mean 😀 I ask because I struggle with digestive problems while eating so much fiber and that makes me malnurished

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