Welcome to My Channel ** Subscribe To Follow Us ** Hi guys, I’m SJ, welcome to my channel. I’ve been vegetarian all my life; it was a personal decision when I was just a child. But I…


  1. Did I miss an announcement? Has baby name Mondays stopped or was it just this week? Xx ps Evelina is growing up so fast!

  2. Thanks for these ideas, I always need inspiration otherwise we end up eating the same meals week after week. My husband is veggie and I'm not, although I tend to cook veggie meals most nights for us and my 18 month old. She loves the quorn meatballs.

  3. Ooooh I’ll be trying those new ideas for Bridie! I’m stuck in a baby food rut!

  4. Great ideas x

  5. Lentils, potatoes and carrots soup is another very easy one and most kids just love it.

  6. Lucy Jessica Carter

    Amazing SJ. I am trying to consume meat a lot less & this has some great inspiration! ❤️❤️

  7. Loved this! X

  8. Thanks for making this video SJ, you've given me lots of new meal ideas…some might even tempt my meat eating husband! X

  9. I loved this!! Alex is AWESOME as well. New subby, here! My son is self-vegetarian as well, so that was encouraging to hear. We tend to eat most veggie because of him. 🙂 Thanks for the ideas!

  10. I’ve never tried quorn mince, I’ve been really curious to try it and I think I might nowvdor this recipe, it looks delicious xx

  11. Absolutely love this been really helpful. I'm vegan and husband and son are meat eaters. But my son will choose to have vegan/vegetarian meals when he at. School xx

  12. Thanks for sharing. We are not vegetarian but I am really trying to have plenty of meat free meals so that my kids don’t grow up to base every meal around meat.

  13. I’m 17 and a recently turned vegetarian/pescatarian (i eat fish occasionally for protein because otherwise i struggle). my whole family are meat eaters so i cook all of my own meals now. this was so helpful for some recipe ideas

  14. So glad you did this because my husband and I have been veggie for almost a year but I have a picky eater toddler so thanx for the tips!:)

  15. Evelina munching on that meatball lol wee gorgeous x

  16. How funny I've just done a video where I say very similar to what you say about you being veggie but not them except mine is part of my vegetarian food haul but I touch on how as I do the shopping and the cooking then most of what the family eats is veggie! I love getting new ideas though and I also hadn't realised that Alex and her family were veggie so I'm deffo going to make time to sit and watch that tomorrow as I'm signing off now but great video xx

  17. This is great! I've been wanting to do some more veggie meals (we are meat eaters generally) because I feel like it could be cheaper and maybe a bit healthier as well! So these are great ideas, will definitely have a go! xx

  18. BriAndBabyExploring

    Something I really like to make that is very kid-friendly are lentil sloppy joe's. You can google it for a recipe but it is basically a lentil-tomato mix with cheese, in between hamburger buns 🙂 very easy and yummy!

  19. More videos like this please ! I have the same situation as you 🙂 you can also tell us ideas of vegetarian meals that you have ❤️❤️

  20. I always add warm milk to mash too!! Xx

  21. This was great. Im vegan, my kiddos are vegetarian, and my husband is a very picky meat eater. Lol.

  22. Love these! All so quick and not over complicated 🙂 I've been vegan for almost 5 years now but hubby is a meat eater like yours. I tried raising the boys veggie but after nuts/egg allergies we decided to raise them pescatarian because they just weren't getting enough protein – didn't help that 3 of my boys were fussy with Quorn! Will be trying out these recipes, especially the cous cous yum!xx

  23. These are such simple recipes but sometimes those are the best to have up your sleeve – loads of QUorn I realised!!!  I do cook with it a lot :-))  I hope you like this video and do check out Alex's channel too xx

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