Easy Vegetarian Carbonara Recipe#SkyKitchen | Kryz Uy

Sunday is our family day. And just like most homemakers, this is one of those days I can play around in the kitchen, making meals that the hubs and I would …


  1. Looks yummy

  2. Kryzzzz! You honestly deserve more spotlight! I'm really rooting for you to get more view and subscribers <3

  3. Help me get 1000 subs

    Did anyone stumble across this channel because they mistyped “YouTube”?

  4. Glaiza Binayas - Bullet Journal

    Looks so yum!! I’d love to recreate this especially that I love mushroom 🙂

  5. looks yummy…gonna try that on holidays

  6. PinayInCanada Thomas Vlog

    Lami kaayo. But suggestions only gwapa when you do plating turn and twirl the noodles and put cilantro on top for more art and put less noodles on the plate for a better presentation. I hope you will do it again please?? I thought you did a great job! Thumbs up. Love you guys!

  7. please do a house tour !

  8. ❤️❤️❤️

  9. Uhm how is it vegetarian when it has cream?

  10. I suddenly got nervous when she asked for the rating, definitely needs a drum roll in there

  11. i will definitely make this when i go home

  12. Cute kaau mong duha diri!! Maka heart heart sa mata hahaha. Craved for carbonara when I watched this for the first time so nagluto ko and rewatched this vid again. Yay!

  13. Wow mu try PD kog luto ani thank you ate for this video..kiligon gyud ko mu tan aw sa inyo oik.nananana

  14. I have never imagined going through Kryz’ channel to watch a cooking vid. Nevertheless, you did great! ☺️

  15. Wow, thank you for sharing!
    I have started my new channel because of you..

  16. Upload more easy vegetarian or pescatarian recipes pls! 🙂

  17. Well done kryz! Bat di mo ni nominate yung vlogger besties mo? Hehe 🙂

  18. Living the #HayahayLife in the #SkyPod !! Haha love u both!!

  19. Kryzzzz more of thissss! ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  20. to moreeee videos of Kryz cooking!!! ❤❤❤

  21. ka cute nila magbinisayag estorya uy ehhehe…

  22. superbb kalami ani mam Kryzz…unta maabot na ni diri sa Qatar murag bag o mani na product nila sa Del Monte

  23. Why does your husband not cook

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