Easy Vegetable Lasagna Recipe – How to Make Fresh Vegetable Lasagna

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  1. This looks like the forefather of pizza

  2. so good i am going to do this recipe

  3. Is this recipe considered vegetarian if cheese is used?

  4. she is not telling d ingredients clearly


    noooooooo oh god save me please the pasta it's crock not soft goooooood and the original lasagna it's with meat god. I'm desperate


    oil in the water? oh God no, please noooo. I'm italian


    Just trying this out right now . Can't wait to eat it. Going for BBQ at my sister"S new home.

  8. I made this and it was so delicious!! Thanks guys! :)

  9. Looks so good

  10. Will definitely be trying this one!!!!! Looks super yummy!

  11. great :)

  12. FYI – Parmesan isn't vegetarian.

  13. Gonna try this.

  14. why do we have to boil the pasta when we are baking it.. sorry m a newbie to pasta dishes.. i know nothing about them so asked..

  15. This looks great I'm going to try this out for a dinner party, thank you

  16. Looks divine. Have to try this.

  17. Looks great! I'm going to make it tomorrow. :)

  18. What are ingredients

  19. Looks yummy,I would add mushrooms as well.

  20. gotta do some whiteflower-free gluten-free layers to go with it =)

  21. yanhelheartsmakeup

    This is an amazing recipe! Loved it

  22. Holy grail

  23. wow, this just wet my mouth !

  24. thanks u for your vdio ,now i,m making and wow ,,,yummy !!!!!

  25. Yummy

  26. I tried this recipe and it turned out amazing. Thanks to you guys I have truly succeeded at my first time making lasagna for my family.

  27. I think it is a bit too dry. I would put more sauce into it.

  28. wow this recipe made my mouth water…

  29. Thank its too easy

  30. So excited to try this out!! Can I know of any substitute for egg in this recipe? 

  31. Tilt to lve soundtrack

  32. Thanks, this was so easy and quick to do. I love this recipe! Great video timing and all!

  33. Omg i am trying it!

  34. I'm so excited to make this. 

  35. Yum! I'm going to make this tomorrow night :)

  36. I just put it in the oven! Thanks :)

  37. looks yummy

  38. I have to try thins! Thanks for the video btw 

  39. My family thoroughly enjoyed this! I added mushrooms, oregano, bell peppers, and garlic salt. They couldn't believe it was all vegetable and no meat. Awesome recipe and thanks for sharing!

  40. Great recipe!  I'm making it tonight! Thanks for the awesome tutorial.
    xo, Michele

  41. yummy

  42. Thx for the video
    Can u pl list all the
    I appreciate 

  43. Joanne Kinya Mugambi

    I used Mushrooms,zucchini  tofu and eggplant with this recipe and it came out fantastic! light and not too greasy. 

  44. Tomorrow I make it ;)

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