Easy Vegetable Fried Rice Recipe

How to make simple and satisfying veggie fried rice. I love to make this whenever I need to clear out the fridge, have day old rice or don’t know what I want to …


  1. vegetarian… with fish sauce. because fish aren't sentient animals…

  2. Good work Squishy!

  3. I love this, but an egg is a must in my home. I also tend to add ham, or leftover chicken if I have some lying around. I also make jerk chicken a lot, and you can make a leftover jerk fried rice the same way only use jerk sauce instead of your soy/fish sauce. This is the ultimate bachelor/student food. Great video!

  4. Awesome recipe!! :)

  5. Koast to Koast Kulture Klub

    Great video…like you we often have day old rice and random veggie bits in our fridge. This video was a great reminder to make one of my favorite foods more often. :)

  6. White Thunder BBQ

    awesome job Angela! what kind of rice did you use?

  7. great looking dish, like127

  8. Looks yummy, but needs some bean shoots for authenticity!

  9. Recipes from a small Kitchen

    Hi!This looks so amazingly delicious! I love fried rice!.

  10. ILoveDawsonsCreek

    Adding this to next week's menu :)

  11. I love fried rice.

  12. wooow gret video

  13. The Divine Hostess

    I didn't know about the technique for preventing burning garlic! Thanks for that! Looks yummy

  14. yummy! love fried rice ;D

  15. This looks amazing Angela.
    I actually made fried rice for dinner tonight. But I used chopped up leftover spare rib meat along with almost identical mixed veggies that you used. Your version is much healthier. I love fried rice. Well done.

  16. Another winner, Angela. What can be better than eating a healthy version of fried rice that is packed with lots of flavor and all kinds of veggies?

  17. Wow, that sure was quick and easy.
    Not only would be be a great side dish, it could be the main entrée when eating light.
    Thanks for the great post Squish.

  18. SweetCupcakeSprinkles

    That looks great! I love fried rice. Congratulations on 50k subscribers! :)

  19. Yummy! Thanks! :)

  20. i have stir fry pretty much every day! sometimes i add rice and sometimes i add noodles!!!

  21. I bet ollie will love this!!! Thanks for the recipe hon, will make it today :)

  22. Yum! Looks scrumptious!

  23. Nice use of leftover items Angela! Looks good.

  24. yum… make a choco taco
    (chacolate taco dessert should be on pinterest)

  25. Christian groenendijk

    remind me of nasi or Singapore dish

  26. Tom Cote (The Food Snot)

    that looked really good…you make "day old" rice look soooo good…

  27. Oh goodness, Angie… Have been craving this for weeks but managed to resist temptation until now – will definitely be giving this a go this week (although maybe with some quinoa instead of rice to feel a little better about myself 😉 ) Hope you're doing well! Sending much love your way.

  28. If I had to be one kind of rice I would be fried rice!

  29. Mm….great idea

  30. I think pretty much every thing you make, is beautiful! Looks easy and delicious! cheers Angela

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