Easy Vegan Weeknight Dinners

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  1. I’m not even vegan

  2. going to make the tuscan bean soup! looks super delish. thanks!

  3. is the pasta made without eggs?

  4. Christine Lavallee

    Could someone at tasty experiment with baby teething rusks?

  5. well i really dn like these recipes, i made my own vegan dish nd it was awesome, rice with carrots and peas, it was sooo yum..

  6. 2:16 the music really suits the hand movements here

  7. Dear Tasty: that is not Pad Thai. Do us NORMAL vegans a favor and separate "vegan" vids from "health" vids. We can use regular Pad Thai noodles. We're vegans, not savages.
    But thanks a ton for vegan options- everything else looks amazing.

  8. Yess.. More vegan videos! I am definitely gonna try some of these since I am vegetarian

  9. god

  10. Everyone you cook the first recipe an italian dies


  12. This is a dumb question probably but does the burger taste very much like beans

  13. Plzz make sushi

  14. VisualJusticeFIlms

    Be careful of those tortillas. A lot of them are made with lard.

  15. Thanks.. Most of the vegans I know are easy so this'll be handy if they want dinner too..

  16. Eww chipotle vegan or not it’s disgusting

  17. Make more vegan videos!!!

  18. They do know that pasta has egg in it therefore it is not vegan right??

  19. I’m not a vegan, but I would love to try some of these. However, I don’t know where I can get any nutritional yeast, can anyone tell me?

  20. Tasty, could you find a way to prepare meals without any dairy products or added yeast? Maybe make a compilation of recipes without them? I’m thinking of hosting a dinner party but my guests can’t have either yeast or dairy. Help a girl out?

  21. Not vegan and I would still eat all of it ♥

  22. YESSS!!! please keep it going with the vegan food, you’re doing great!!!❤️❤️

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