Easy Vegan Toddler Breakfast Ideas | Ask Me Questions | 2016 | Jerah Alaine

For todays video I wanted to show some examples of vegan breakfast ideas that i fix my own toddler. These meals are super easy for a stay at home mom like …


  1. Some questions for you – how did you and bob meet?! How old is your daughter ? What do you like to do for fun??? 🙂 love your videos so much by the way!

  2. I just found your channel and I love your content! Where are you from? How long have you been vegan?

  3. Living With Wildlings

    Ooooh it all looks so good. Do you own your home? It's beautiful. House tour? How old are you? What does your husband do for work? Love your videos!!

  4. I have to try the Kashi waffles… you made it look so yummy!

  5. you are so nice and omg your baby girl is so cute when I found your channel today I was so happy I did I would love if you did an everyday makeup videoXXX

  6. Life Made Simply with Nikki

    Yum!! Thanks for sharing. Those waffles look amazing! Need to definitely try these for my daughter.

  7. I'm planning on switching my kiddies over to vegan meals due to their asthma. What do you prefer starting with to get them into the groove of things?

  8. Profound Promise (ProfoundPromise)

    i love these ideas. ive heard Naked isnt good for you though. 🙁 i used to drink it a lot while in school but found out itd not as good as it seems.

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