EASY VEGAN TACOS | hot for food

it’s so easy to make vegan tacos, filled with vegan meatless ground beef, vegan cheese, and other fresh veggies! It’s one of our favourite foods that we love to …


  1. Its called chimol i would know im hispanic

  2. ugh i hate when ppl act like corny is a viable sense of humor

  3. Cilantro tastes like soap wtf??

  4. no I don't like seeing you videos they suck major wammers…

  5. lettuce on the bottom has changed my life! I love that you do it too, lauren!!

  6. avocados are so godly. and spiritual.

  7. Speaking of tortilla napkins.. I live in Mexico and people eat tortillas with every kind of food.. Pasta.. Salad.. Beans.. They just use the tortillas to pick whatever food up and they even use tortillas as napkins to wipe their mouths. So handy. Love your videos

  8. i have no clue what they used for "meat" …went to the link and it was broken :(

  9. lol john are you from windsor? I used to love Mexican town before I went vegan

  10. Oh well, I do not like the flavor of coriander powerful in the food I feel as if the smoke coming out of my nose Is there someone like me _ Waukee I want to tell you too binary really cool, but I want to see a knock cooking in the nearest much I think this interesting than it seems because the book is very dishes gorgeous

  11. Most taco spice has beef in it. NOT VEGAN!

  12. I'm glad I'm not the only vegan who loves watching diners drive ins and dives. I love that show. I force my parents to watch it with me and they always question why I watch it if I wouldn't eat any of the food. Ha

  13. I know you won't see this because its an old episode. but I'm making tacos for non vegans tonight. any ways I love triple D. I Dont know why but he's great.

  14. I know you won't see this because its an old episode. but I'm making tacos for non vegans tonight. any ways I love triple D. I Dont know why but he's great.

  15. I'm with lauren, warm lettuce never bothered me!

  16. the fresh tomato salsa is actually Pico de gallo!! I'm laughing

  17. hipsters

  18. The pit Keeps it from going brown?! Wtf it's all the lime juice you put in the bowl! Omg never heard anything so stupid.

  19. You do realise that its not the pit of the avocado that stops it from going brown its the citrus from the lime bruh. Still love this video and recipe though

  20. you hate mexicans..ajajjaaj dont eat tacos then :(

  21. FRESCO (FRES-KO) Spanish lesson for the day. :-)

  22. not vegan!

  23. the way they say cilantro …lol XD

  24. Any type of green that should go is cilantro. Lettuce on tacos is weird.

  25. ….. i like guy fireri 🙁 ….. lol i know you werent trashing him… but I'm not vegan and stuff on DDD looks SO yum!!…. i still love you lauren!!!! … (have since forever…. met you feb 11 2014) xxx

  26. lol you guys mean pico de gaio?

  27. how the fuck is this vegan?

  28. LOL If you don't like cilantro you're a serial killer!! I haven't killed anyone yet John!

  29. Thanks for the video! You two look amazing together (like me n my husband 😛 ).. The Taco recipe is awesome! I landed here bcoz of Vegan word since I am vegetarian n you do not use meat at all in vegan recipes. So, Im going to replace beef with bean! wish me luck!

  30. laughed way to hard at that intro

  31. You two are amazing I loved watching this. Check out my new soyrizo breakfast taco video I have on my channel
    Let me know what you think :)

  32. I like the recipes they make and I like John but Lauren has the most off putting personality I've ever witnessed on YouTube.

  33. I dont wanna taco bout it lol that was very funny xD

  34. This just proves vegan tacos don't exist

  35. desperate housewives fanpage

    u look like carly rae jepnsen

  36. can't figure out which one is more annoying

  37. That salsa needs some serranos. grr

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