Easy Vegan Summer Breakfast Ideas | Liv B

Use the link http://www.audible.com/liv or text liv to 500-500 to get a free book and 30 day free trial! Thanks for watching! I have been having so much lately …


  1. Omg we need more bullet journal videos !

  2. Yum!

  3. The spiced tofu looks amazing

  4. What brand of almond butter do you like to have?

  5. Breakfast is my favo meal of the day and I love to see you sharing your breakfast ideas so that I can renew some of my breakfast recipes!!!!!

  6. Breakfast for dinner is my lifeeee I'mma kill these

  7. The tofu look amazing

  8. i literally woke up this morning and looked up “vegan breakfast ideas” so this is perfect timing <3

  9. I love your videos and always watch them the day they come out. However, I really thought this video was going to give me new ideas on breakfasts to make. I feel like every vegan already makes smoothie bowls and avocado toast regularly

  10. us brazilians are so hyped about açaí. I find amazing when people from other countries add it to their diet and change it up a bit

  11. Caroline Moortiere

    I liked the toast tofu recipe the most

  12. Thanks for all your great recipes, Liv!

  13. It all looks SO yummy, love it!!

  14. Love the video!

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