Easy Vegan Summer Breakfast Ideas

Here are 3 easy, healthy, and vegan recipes that are perfect for a summer breakfast! Click here to get 25% off of your order + a free 30 day trial to Thrive Market: …


  1. Caitlin Shoemaker

    Hey friends! Hope you like the video 🙂 If you want to save these + other recipes for later, I have them all on my Pinterest here: https://www.pinterest.com/caitlinshoemaker/

  2. Can't wait to try the granola! I just started eating granola and it's expensive to buy prepared

  3. YUM!
    FYI for those avoiding SOY: The New Chapter Fermented Maca and their Fermented Aloe both contain SOY!! : ( their Fermented Tuneric is Soy-Free, but does contain Maltodextrin?!

  4. So glad to discover you! ❤

  5. Muesli is just sooo great!! ♥♥
    Fun story: There are tons of Muesli mixture options (some vegan, some aren't) in the supermarkets here in Austria and when I was a kid, I used to aaaalways eat Muesli after school :'D But not just a little bit… I went crazy over it! Like, I had probably 200g dry every single day (as school lunch wasn't available at my school and I always got home between 5 and 6pm – so I only had like some fruit or bread for lunch…. :D) …. I've always pretty much just added the milk on top bc I couldn't wait any longer. :'D

  6. Random question but where did you get your measuring spoons? Loved the video!!

  7. Christina Samoy

    Yes!! try some vegan keto recipes please!!

  8. Omg this actually looks so amazing!

  9. Victoria Harris

    Literally heading to the grocery store now to get all of these ingredients!!!! This all looks so yummy

  10. David Mcgregor

    Great recipe's. I am going to have to make them and enjoy eating them too. It's going to give me variety in my breakfast it won't be boring.

  11. All of these breakfast choices look delicious!

  12. Charlie Van Horn


  13. Granola always always ALWAYS wins me over. I love it with cereal, on top of smoothies, (n)ice cream, sweet potatoes, toast, and desserts! Such AMAZING breakfast ideas as always!!

  14. these recipes look amazing!!!!!

  15. Need this as I'm kind of starting off being vegan, thank you!! 🙂

  16. Thank you .looks good .

  17. M? Im watching this one mute because im in public without headphones was this explained in the audio or what is 'M'

  18. Theresa Solleder

    Oml love these recipes <3

  19. YAY A NEW VIDEO! I’m so early when I’m not in school hehe!

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