EASY VEGAN RECIPES FOR BEGINNERS (whole foods plant based, oil-free) // The Gamechangers Recipes

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  1. Balsamic Green Beans with Walnuts 

    * 4 teaspoons extra-virgin olive oil
    * 4 teaspoons minced garlic
    * ½ cup chopped walnuts, ur choice
    * 2 teaspoons aged balsamic vinegar
    * ½ teaspoon kosher salt
    * Or ur choice
    * 1 pound green beans, trimmed (about 8 cups)
    * Heat oil in a sm skillet over medium heat. Add garlic and cook, stirring until the garlic is just barely turning brown, 30/90 seconds. Immediately pour into bowl with ice water /stop cooking.
    * Meanwhile,1 / 2 inch of water in large pot cover and bring to a boil over high heat. Add green beans to steamer, and cook, covered beans are crisp tender, 4 / 5 minutes.
    * Transfer the green beans to the bowl. Add walnuts, balsamic and salt and toss to coat.

  2. I would love more. 15-20min meals..I work full time, I am the only one in my home that is vegan…So, I make two meals a night most of the time..when I don't have time to meal prep..so new quick meals would be FANTASTIC!!❤❤

  3. The smallest okay? after you dragged Gordon Ramsey was perfect

  4. Reeeallly smart video idea

  5. I'm going to try the curry with cauliflower gith now

  6. If you’re a vegan athlete — you’re on Steroids. Plants alone (who don’t want to be eaten anymore than mammals do) will not sustain a true athlete’s lifestyle.
    Being Vegan will only cause your health to decline over time.

    BBC: How Plants Communicate and Think

  7. Fedsmoker Evidence Files

    Only thing missing is the MEATS!

  8. Yay thank you for the WFPB inspiration! Trying to stick to whole foods so this vid is very helpful 🙂

  9. Very helpful!! You are adorable!!

  10. Loved Game Changers!!! It’s so modern and relatable and well made! I’m vegan so I loved it and all of the data and facts and real lives that it included. It also encouraged my boyfriend to go more plant based!!! You will not regret watching this documentary!!

  11. I am a new vegan and I really appreciate these recipes and others of yours because you do the oil-free cooking. I'm planning to make your lentil nut loaf tomorrow for Thanksgiving. Yay!

  12. Hi Rose~

    What's the name of that vegan multivitamin w/ omega 3s?

    I need 3000mg. Omega 3s a day..

    Fish oil is what ive been using ..

    Thank you 🙂


    p.s. i have 2 vegan friends & you are my social media vegan #savagequeen

  13. I just loved watching Game Changer, Forks over Knives, & I have watched other good movies too.
    Thanks so much for your great recipes, & support. Your videos are so encouraging, & helpful to me. I can watch you. This has helped me cook better, & please I don't want to offend you. Great job!

  14. I’ve been vegan for over a year and a half and I’ve wanted my bf to go plant based with me but he swore he never ever would so I never pushed it. Game changers came out and I was like we gotta watch this and he agreed! He’s been vegan for about a month now! There is a strong stigma that vegan men are feminine but this movie definitely challenges that assumption.

  15. Thank you for all those easy and delicious recipes !!

    I've been vegan for over 2 years now and it's mainly thanks to you. Your recipes helped me a lot when I was a beginner (they still do now haha). Thank you again Rose for everything you share with us ! ❤️

  16. One of those newbie explorers here with a few questions:
    Do all those lentils/chic peas cause gas? If so, any tips on avoiding that?
    Also, I saw 3 sizes of quinoa, does that change cooking time? Is it like rice where a minute too long = mushy?
    Out where I live I'm not even gonna look for that chili paste lol. Chili powder work about the same or is there a way to make it into a paste?

  17. Heyya Rose, would you ever consider doing a video specifically discussing veganism and culture? I know you've touched on this briefly before but I'm curious about how your family feels about your being vegan now compared to before and if you've compartmentalized or combined culture and veganism. I always struggle around the holidays especially being vegan in a Latinx household because my family feels like I've "white-washed" and abandoned my roots. They're also very opposed to trying most things I make and refuse to use any vegan substitutes. They mock that I no longer eat "real" food and are upset when I make the same dishes I used too veganized.

  18. I'm trying to start eating a plant based diet and hopefully start expanding

  19. Yay your back love your plant based foods

  20. The best advice I can give to newbs is to make small changes and ease into this lifestyle. If you jump from meat and animal products to none, you may not stick with it. Also, use oil when cooking vegetables such as onion. You get a deeper flavour as opposed to water. Try not to be too, "health" obsessed as this can lead to restrictive behaviours which could lead to disordered eating. Remember that eating a vegan diet is already somewhat limited so try not to get too focused on eating, "whole foods." Balance your plate and you'll be fine.

  21. Who makes the wok you are using? It looks beautiful and like it would be non stick? Without an icky coating 🙂

  22. I can really appreciate these types of easy vegan ,meals/recipes. more please

  23. I love watching your videos, i've tried a few of your recipies they are always delicious

  24. All of these look delicious, idk if I'm ready for oil free meals lol.

  25. Our Twisted Kitchen

    First off, that lentil and chickpea curry looks SO good wow.. and super simple! Rose, would you be opposed to us re-creating this meal (and giving you credit of course) on Instagram?! Because that looks so good & a lot of people would find this valuable! It's so awesome that we've created videos like these to help people transition to a vegan or plant-based lifestyle! Our whole channel is dedicated to that exact thing. If anyone in the comments here is reading this & is interested in more recipes to help you begin your transition, it would mean the world if you check out our channel, subscribe, like, comment, whatever you can do to help us help you! Rose, keep doing what you're doing! It's so awesome to see you giving the vegan community a good name & we appreciate all of the hard work you put into making these recipes, filming, editing, voice over-ing…? lol Have a great rest of your week/weekend!!

  26. Hi there. I've literally started a plant based diet this week after watching the game changer movie that you talked about! You're channel is amazing and very helpful. Was wondering if the red paste you used in the last recipe is spicy? I actually have some in my pantry and am keen to use it. Xx

  27. Thanks for your videos. I enjoy them. I love your voice and your humor! I am an ongoing new vegan. (Meaning I am still trying to be totally vegan.)

  28. Rabbit Food Fitness

    These recipes look amazing! You are helping so many people with these recipes! Thank you!

  29. Nice and healthy

  30. may i have the link to the minced garlic

  31. So you said, "Let me know your thoughts". Here are my thoughts: Who on earth wouldn't WANT to watch your video?! Do people actually just go to the recipe? What's the fun in THAT?! I guess there are crazy people everywhere….

  32. You can cook your quinoa in your rice cooker and it's so much easier

  33. I love quinoa salad and curry! I was so excited because I found my local market has a manager's special, which means the unattractive fruit and veggies are super discounted. Got a whole head of califlower for 99!

  34. This is my first vegan thanksgiving any tips?

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