Easy Vegan Pasta Recipe + what i ate in italy

Here’s my new favorite vegan pasta recipe + what I ate on my trip to Italy. Pizza, pasta and all the vegan ice cream I could find – a quick vegan northern Italy food …


  1. loove her tattoo <3

  2. Add some tomato paste to your fresh tomaton sauce to thicken it naturally and deepen flavor

  3. I'm surprised you didn't like Flower Burger, it is soooo good! I was eating it often when I was living in Milan.

  4. The Italian vegan cornetto is much better Then the “real” cornetto

  5. Deine englische Aussprache ist der Hammer!

  6. Girl your videos make me INCREDIBLY hungry!!! Quality content 🙂

  7. erika silvestri

    As an Italian Vegan let me tell you that the "marinara sauce" that you think you ate in Italy was simply tomato sauce and fresh basil, without the onions, carrots and all that stuff that you added to recreate it. But it's totally fine! Just wanted to tell you that the sauce is extremely easy to prepare because it's just tomato sauce and basil and that's it lol The next time you try to recreate it try it without the carrots and the onions, just plain tomato sauce and basil!

  8. i love how chill you sound in your voiceover, it almost sounds like you’re smiling too sometimes. it’s refreshing to hear

  9. How come you don't drink coffee?

  10. Italian here! Instead of cutting the garlic, put the garlic cloves whole in the sauce and then remove before serving 😉

  11. Marta Gałczewska

    I was in Bergamo ♥️

  12. Just got back from Italy, Milan truly has fantanstic vegan food!

  13. wish you would put nutritional value and caloric value for the foods you make

  14. Yummm that spaghetti looks so delicious I’m gonna make that for dinner tonight!

  15. Die Sacher Torte ist mit Aprikosenmarmelade! 😉

  16. "it's fun to go there, walk around and use their fancy bathroom…" Hahahah she's too precious, I love her so much

  17. even I am not vegan but I like vegan food and I am considering going vegan just because of how scrumptious the food you make and show looks like

  18. Love your recipes. Do you live in germany?

  19. Loved this!!! More vloggy type videos please!!

  20. eating meats is not **VIOLENCE**.

  21. You and/or your friend speak Italian?

  22. Isnt basic Italian pasta already vegan, it's just noodles and tomato sauce

  23. I too went to Italy last year with my gf. We stayed 1 week mostly at Rome. I was surprised by the number of vegan choices in the city. There is a Flower burger there also but I share your opinion. The burgers looked really cool but the taste was…meh.

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