Easy Vegan Meal Prep in Under 1 Hour! (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner)

[ OPEN FOR FULL RECIPES!] Today we’re making a school or work week’s worth of healthy & vegan breakfasts, lunches, and dinners — all in under 1 hour …


  1. Also, are we allowed to suggest recipes to you to feature on your channel? If so, where do we go to do that???

  2. They actually sell most of this stuff for fairly cheap where I live(one of the very few perks of living in Baltimore). There are 3 Supermarkets within walking distance from my apartment complex and I currently work at one of them, so I get a pretty good discount. Thanks for the Pad Thai sauce recipe, I'll definitely try it out.

  3. Continue the meal prep videos Please.

  4. I want to thank you for all your videos. I have learned so much. I think you are amazing!!!

  5. @CaitlinShoemaker What do you think of Ripple pea milk?

  6. i just ordered a Ninja hehehe im so excited to recreate

  7. I made the smoothie and it was BOOOOMB!!!!

  8. Great job. T u for sharing

  9. I m doing a video marathon

  10. That pad thai looks and sounds so good. I will try that recipe out

  11. I love your recipes!! I want to go vegan but I am scared to ask my parents. My dad loves to grill steak and stuff. I think my mom will be more chill with it, but not my dad. Any advice?? I need help!! Ps. I love you so much!!

  12. Can't wait to make the Pad Thai!!!!

  13. Love your videos! Also is there anything I can substitute the peanut butter with?

  14. Christen Attaway

    Can't wait to try that pad Thai!!

  15. This was a great video Caitlin!

  16. Holy crap that smoothie is so bomb

  17. Love the music in the background

  18. The bento box lunches are my favorite.

  19. Brittany Stockman

    If you ha ent already, I think you should make a video talking about your to go & meal prep containers! I think it would be really helpful!

  20. Aime's WearAbouts

    Love your meal prep videos

  21. omg I tried your pad Thai sauce, it’s BOMB!!!!!!! Thank you !

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