EASY VEGAN MEAL PREP IDEAS 4 days with measurements

Easy vegan meal prep! Some recipe ideas for your meal preps I hope you enjoy them! BREAKFAST – Chickpea Fritter 2 tomatoes 1 red onion 1 tsp garlic …


  1. I_am_Jennifer Rivera

    Looks so yummy omg

  2. Can you show some pictures of the inside of your cookbook?

  3. Carrie Hubbard

    Wow !….Everything looks So Scrumptious

  4. Which remix of Brown Sugar is this? The song in the beginning?

  5. Katherine Brejcha

    Her recipes require so many ingredients and steps… or is it just me ?

  6. You’re glowing !

  7. Rachel! Where’d you get those meal prep containers??

  8. Richardson Bellavoix

    Can you do a vegan keto meal prep video?

  9. Food looks great! Where can I buy your stainless steel containers?? X

  10. Fritter or frittata?

  11. LiveNaturallyLove

    love it!!!!

  12. Harissa is a new 1 for me… I'll have to try it to add more SPICE to MY LIFE with ur recipes! Thx 1♥

  13. Looks tasty, I c can imagine how it smells! My greedy butt would of sautéed a holy trinity wuth the mushrooms to top it off the fritter! 😉 1♥fm NYC

  14. Latinestrella5

    I made the chickpea fritter with some guacamole! It was so good i had to stop myself from eating it all up. This is a keeper! Thanks again

  15. Elemental Wisdom

    wowthese are fantastic recipes. Especially the breakfast fritter!

  16. Is Coriander another name for Cilantro?

  17. Hi Rachel 2 things. . what is the difference between Chick Pea and Gabanzo beans? Will they work for this recipe? Also I tried to pre order you book I clicked on the Link for US purchase. and it says that this book is not shipped to the US.

  18. Wow this looks really good!

  19. Dominika Ostrowska

    honestly, your recipes are AMAZING! such a queen!!

  20. You so fineee I'm sorry lol the food looks good too hehe!

  21. Does the cook book include calories per serving?

  22. Do you sacrifice one day of the week to prepare for the whole week or do you cook each evening for the next day?
    Also I am curious to see if these preps still look so delicious after a few days in the fridge.

  23. Love this video! Great, tasty meal prep ideas! Thank you.

  24. Awesome recipes as per usual! Thanks so much!

  25. I’m literally salivating watching this

  26. We also need outfit of the day at this point bc wow

  27. Immediately started dancing to the intro. That caught me off guard.

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