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  1. Where do you get your containers from

  2. Does anybody know where she got those containers from??

  3. had do you prevent pasta from sticking together?

  4. I don't mean to be an ass but your meal prep intro's are stupid long and I enjoy you talking but I'm really only here for meal prep ideas…

  5. thrive is expensive

  6. My partner and i took the recommendations of a mate and looked up “lyly amazing guide” on Google. It has given excellent results to its users and worked incredibly well for me. I have already droped 6 pounds in less than the first week.

  7. you lost me at pasta

  8. Can I take it to lunch and heat it there

  9. Shauna Carpenter

    Romanian lettuce? Think you mean romaine 😉 haha, but seriously, I like your videos a lot, thanks for this!

  10. What kind of bento boxes do you use to contain your meals? Are they good quality? Can I buy them on Amazon?

  11. Francesca De Angelis

    Pasta looks disgusting

  12. Thank You for this video loved it!!! I am just now starting on this and you made this seem so simple when it comes to shopping for my groceries and being on a tight budget this is something that I do need for myself and in also loosing this damm weight….thx 🙂

  13. do you freeze any of these? ?

  14. Godz ComingSoon

    Gotta be top 5 most beautiful women I've seen. Sound like a dude line but no homo, it's true. And good job losing weight. I'm in the process as well.

  15. Video starts at 4 minutes

  16. I wanted everything that you made.

  17. so so is so so lame

  18. why does it take 15 min for you to get to the topic, no one wants to see you "so, so" blab

  19. your lashes look like tarantula spiders

  20. Do your bananas go brown by any chance?

  21. is that pasta egg free?

  22. Ranch isn't vegan btw. But I've put this vid on a playlist, ty

  23. you losing me with all ha talking. Get to it

  24. Where did you get those containers?

  25. Laura Williams-Palmer

    Hot tofu on a salad that is supposed to be for later?!?

  26. What can I substitute tofu for because I don't eat no soy ????

  27. u are. beautiful single mom

  28. Great video this gave me some ideas for when I start my meal prep next week!

  29. where did you purchased the containers?

  30. I'm not sure if you know or not but I was looking up meal prep videos and saw this video on another channel by the name of "Uma Turman"

  31. Jordan Cheyenne

    NEW Updated Meal Prep Video: https://youtu.be/EmUGdMW3cPk
    So happy you guys all loved this, Im going to do another $20 meal prep challenge this month with all new recipies!! 🙂 Please Subscribe so you dont miss out! 🙂

  32. Murenne Philistin

    I know that I'm super late and you probably answered this question before, but where did you purchase those compartment meal prep comtainers?

  33. wtf are you shopping where tofu is 2$

  34. I like to add salt before I add my paste so they don't stick!

  35. "I do live by myself, just with my son……" Whaaaa?

  36. a.tatifitt madrigal

    hi Jordan! is this all your having thru out the day? or do you have any type of snacks in between meals

  37. Romanian lettuce. My favorite.

  38. I'll cover my oats with Dairy milk if I wanna

  39. What's with the skull pillow?

  40. Melissa Salazar

    Do you eat cold rice or hot salad??

  41. You mean at 9:04 on Wednesday. You said Monday.

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