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This is the Interac $100 Challenge and I made an easy vegan meal plan for the whole week – 10 recipes, 21 meals, all for a total of $88.92. Thank you to Interac …


  1. love meal plan videos, hope to see another one on here soon

  2. Amazing for under a $100 meals

  3. lmao this my no frills —

  4. @cheaplazyvegan SHE COMIN FOR YOUR BRAND ROSE

  5. Loved this!!!!!! You’re a life saver!

  6. This is so awesome and realistic. Make more videos like this please!! I now feel inspired to meal prep for the week!

  7. Love the idea of this video!!!! I have missed your amazing content!

  8. You should do a series where you go to someone's home and veganize their pantry and teach them some meal ideas. I volunteer to be your Guinea pig lol

  9. Eclectically Lina Eats

    If there was a love button on here I would hit it! I might be doing this for next week. I have several of the ingredients already. the only thing I'm leaving out is the curry dish because A. I can't get my hands on the canned curry sauce and B. I'm not too fond of curry in general

  10. Love this video!!! Everything looks amazing and your creativity

  11. Love it! Thanks Lauren 🙂

  12. Do more of these!!!!!

  13. Mogie Fudgemuggons

    100 is a lot tho ngl

  14. Luv this 100$ challenge❣️it would be so neat if you did this challenge once a month with different meals. This really helps with meal planning , thanks❣️

  15. Ila The Minimalist

    Best meal prep ever watched

  16. I've been hating my meal prep meals recently so I really needed this bless you

  17. Wow! You put a lot of work into this! So fun to watch!

  18. Long rant so buckle up… Just so everyone else is aware, I am a huge Hot for Food fan.

    I would have liked this vid more if maybe she just priced out some of her more popular recipes from her blog, which I feel are more her style than this somewhat simple bolognese/soup recipes. I don't find that Hot for Food uses a ton of speciality ingredients, so I'm not sure why she really chose to go this route…

    Also, I know from watching her vids that she is not a super big breakfast person, but truly, suggesting that a human being eats 3 mini muffins (and coffee) for breakfast is seriously troublesome… especially on a vegan diet. No matter how amazing those mini-muffins are (also seem overly simple based on the rest of the Hot for Food recipes), that amount is a max of MAYBE 500 calories?!? This is exactly the problem I see so many people trying a new plant-based diet run into… they are starving because they're trying to replace maybe a bacon/egg/cheese sandwich (maybe 1000 calories for lots of energy + tons of protein to keep them full for longer) with something like this… it is really problematic and not going to make them feel good, and they're probably going to think that eating plant-based is the problem, not the fact that they are eating such a minimal diet. She didn't address snacks in this video either… Especially with such small portions for meals, plant-based foods break down faster and therefore you get hungry more often. Maybe that's why she cut the price challenge by so much (88 instead of 100) to leave that part open for individual interpretation, but not addressing any of these issues really got to me (obviously). Mostly because I see her on this huge platform touching so many people's lives, and even without being a "health" vegan, not knowing the basics of how to build a complete meal is seriously concerning. As an aside, I do not count calories and don't consider my self a health-vegan, but I don't need to be super into nutrition to see that 3 [mini!]muffins are not a full meal.

    Maybe you'de like to respond, Lauren? This is a hate-comment but really, I don't dislike you or your videos in general. Just this one when you're trying to help someone plan their whole diet for a week that is lacking in so many ways. Sorry.

  19. Minimalist Wannabe

    Love these videos!

  20. Katherine Handley

    You are the Queen

  21. now THATS a meal prep video!!!!!

  22. elizabeth peralta


  23. What I like about this video is that it is not a cheap meal prep, because we have seen ENOUGH of those. We all by now know how to make pasta and rice and beans and chickpeas. It was nice to see some food that looks nice and delicious and fun and that I’d actually enjoy eating.

  24. Loved it. Thank you very much

  25. On a not food related note, love your coat!!! Where did you get it??


  27. Brilliant, Lauren! More meal plans like this would solve my problems of spending too much time in the kitchen on weekdays, food waste at the end of the week, and leftover fatigue (anyone else hate eating the same thing every day??)

  28. aaah you're a genius! i always stress because meal prep usually means eating the same thing everyday. love love love knowing that i can even use other leftovers to make completely new meals later in the week.

  29. Wowowow! so many amazing hot for food recipes in one video with a grocery list to go with it?! I kiiiinda just want to recreate this entire week's meal plan myself! Thank you for this, Lauren!!!

  30. This is such a good video for vegan newbies, or those who aren't as creative in the kitchen. Thanks so much!

  31. ClassroomAdventures

    I need a vegan meal prep book – Is that even a thing? I don't know, but I need one in my life 🙂 Love your videos Lauren 🙂

  32. Did I miss what Saturday's dinner was??

  33. This was totally worth waiting a month for!! ❤️

  34. Also thanks for doing this, this had to have been a lot of work!!

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