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  1. guacamole has tomato in it

  2. For the guacaroni, do you have any suggestions on a protein that isn't straight up beans? Unfortunately I'm not a really big fan of beans, but I don't know what I can replace it with. (Going veg has been a hard process lol)

  3. This video is exactly what I wanted to find for my work lunches!!

  4. I don't like olives.

  5. Yesss! I love and NEED these kind of videos for when I start uni next week!❤️

  6. My grandmother has those exact same plates!

  7. Im a cilantro-add- to-everything-kind-of-gal! Wooo ooo! Love to watch your videos..

  8. I am in a hotel and I don't have the ability to heat things. That is what I thought this was about.

  9. I love green olives but I hate back olives! 😉

  10. I love olives!

  11. YES!!

  12. where do you get your black beans and how do you cook them?

  13. I like olives oh yeah!

  14. How do you prevent the avocado in the guacaroni from browning? I've always thought that you needed lemon juice for that, but I didn't see that in the video.

  15. I'm alergic to avocato. what can i use to substitute?

  16. Aren't only some kinds of pasta vegan?

  17. I can't understand why vegans have a problem throwing a good salad dressing together?

  18. Pre-made guacamole for the extra lazy 😉

  19. Can we have a part 2?

  20. Gabrielle Williams

    I've made the first two so far. Soooooooooooo good! Much love

  21. I made the "guacaroni" today and it was just awesome!!! Thanks!!

  22. I love your chanel
    Its so all so easy
    And looks delicious ^-^

  23. So I have been craving vegan food for some reason, I just made brown rice, tomatoes, black beans, and corn. I'm gonna get a head of lettuce and have that with it for my dinner tonight. Right now just having a bowl of it for a snack. hehe! I figured if I started eating healthier I might loose a bit of the weight I gained.

  24. I'm making the banana oat cookies you showed. Sadly it's not vegan cuz I added peanut butter chips which contain milk but next time I'll definitely make it with vegan chocolate chips!

  25. beautiful. thank u so much.

  26. what do you use to make and edit your videos? I think they're great!

  27. Olives=Yuck. Green Olives=Death haha

  28. I am soo happy to have found you!!!!!!!!!

  29. Rose, do you have like a master list of which recipes are in which videos? Just wondered, cuz I was looking for your curry recipe (found it) and noticed how many videos have multiple recipes that aren't indicated in the titles so it can be hard to go back through and look.

  30. Oh my God! That wrap is so good, thanks girl!

  31. Damian Winchester CGA

    Thumps up Thumps up up u pu pu p up upu pup upp ppppppppppp Garlic powder!

  32. I really love the way you make justice to the name of your channel! The recipes are indeed easy! Keep going, and thank you ❤

  33. DreamingTata VeganMama

    The guacaroni is such a great idea! I'm going to have to try!

  34. I hate Avocados…. substitute?? The guacaroni thing looked good

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