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  1. So it's basically like a slow cooker but smaller…right?

  2. they are kind of meals which i eat everyday

  3. I ordered this and am making oatmeal right now. I hope it works! Can you please show more rice cooker recipes in the Mi?

  4. mouth watering food as always!Love it!

  5. +High Carb Hannah So when did you get the cat? Or are you watching it for someone?

  6. Awesome ideas! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Where did you get your bowls? I'm always on the look out for ones like these but I can never find them… :(

  8. I need this rice cooker in my life!

  9. LOVED THIS! But question: does it matter if you use brown or white rice??? Thank you so much for all of your videos Hannah! You rock!

  10. These recipes are great, all use staple things that I already have at home and are great meals to last me for work (I'm a nurse so work long 13hr shifts).

  11. Hannah, thank you so much for this video. It's exactly what I need right now, exactly what I was trying to figure out. Simple, easy warm lunches for me (one student). I've been making simple easy cold food but I feel the need for something simple and warm. I knew about the instant pot but had no idea about mini rice cookers or how many different things can be made in them. I think I'm going to get one very, very soon. Thank you for the information and the recipes and for being so sweet and helpful (and, in many of your videos, so charming, open, and brave). Also, thank you for introducing me to Mommy Tang. She, and her precious children, are fantastic. Like you!

  12. Patience Hill-Berardi

    what if I don't have Instagram?

  13. love these videos!!!!!!

  14. What kind of beans did you use in the Rice and Beans one? Was the salsa from a jar or your homemade one?

  15. How long to cook? I have a half an hour lunch break. Will it be possible? Also, what type of beans?

  16. Hi Hannah, when is the giveaway so I can look out for the winner?

  17. I really like your vegan recipes, you look healthy and make veganism appealing
    Unlike other vegan youtubers who are more like aneroxic. ..

  18. you said hubby was going to LA for 'his Bob Proctor trip' ???  Who is Bob Proctor?

  19. Great vid Hannah, thanks! Question: so if you don't have or want a rice cooker, how else would you make these meals? I'm assuming you would just combine all of the ingredients (minus the rice or pasta) into a big pot and cook it on the stove, then add it to cooked rice or pasta separately? Let me know if you can!

  20. How long did you cook everything?

  21. Could I make these recipes in my instant pot?

  22. Plant Based Momma

    Can you cook raw beans in this rice cooker?

  23. I just had the cheddar rice for lunch served with cucumbers and mashed avocado and it was the bomb! Thank you for your amazing videos ♡

  24. would love love love to see some instant pot recipes!! 🙂 just getting used to mine and need some inspo

  25. Made the pasta today and it was so fast, easy, and delicious! Thank you for sharing!

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