EASY VEGAN DINNER RECIPES ‣‣ for family or vegan beginners

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  1. What can I use instead of humus. Great recipes. Thank you

  2. Those recipes sound good. Unfortunately we don’t have Thrive Market in Australia. Since going vegan I haven’t found a cheese I like so I just cook without cheese or add a bit of nutritional yeast. Anyone in Australia … can you recommend a nice vegan cheese?

  3. I made the Tuscan stew for supper last night! Yummy:)

  4. I love onions, mushrooms, olives, spinach, broccoli, garlic, roasted red peppers, on my pizza! Loaded with veggies! And add nutritional yeast on top. It’s good! That sauce you put on the pizza omg that sounds so good! Need to get me some off of thrive soon!

  5. Love these recipes!!! Thank you. I think for the stew recipe I’d use all broth instead of water and broth.

  6. Bushnell Entertainment

    Hi I couldn't find the 25 percent off

  7. Would you by chance have a recipe for shreddable vegan cheese? I have a hard time finding it in the store.

  8. Awesome recipes.Love from Greece.

  9. I love all three recipes, especially the pizza crust. I have friends who have to eat gluten-free, and rice crust pizza gets too familiar, after a while. I'll try the quinoa/hummus version soon. I've been using Thrive Market for 3 years and appreciate that I can find items there, that are unavailable locally….to expand my cooking horizons

  10. That pizza crust looks amazing!

  11. Samantha Mahenthiran

    I would like to try quinoa mac and cheese and quinoa pizza crust with my favourite toppings.

  12. yummy! these look so good

  13. I’m not vegan but I am trying to eat healthier and I will be trying the soup and pizza thank you. Many many blessings to you

  14. Are you vegan and gluten free?

  15. You do an amazing job with your videos! I am about as close to being vegan as I am to becoming the next queen of England, but you have helped me start eating a lot more plant based meals. I am going to try all three of these over the next couple of weeks.

  16. Make It Dairy Free

    Oh man that soup! Yum! My kids would definitely think that's kid friendly ….and omg that pizza! I need to try that crust

  17. Hi Alyssa!! What brand/type cheese did you use in the quinoa Mac as well as the pizza? Thanks!

  18. Peace from Algeria

  19. I wish Thrive whipped to Canada!

  20. Wow. I am trying the pizza. I am a lover of Thrive Market!!!!

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