EASY VEGAN CREPES | hot for food

I’m showing you how easy it is to make vegan crepes that are fluffy, delicious, and you can stuff ’em with whatever you want! SUBSCRIBE for new videos every …


  1. Veronica Russell

    yummm!!! Also, love your top

  2. i havent talked to my mom in 2 years i should buy something nice we not vary healthy in relationship its only 2 years from 2012 2014

  3. vegenation?! oh man i was there 6 months ago and im still thinkin about those buffalo cauliflower wings.. so good

  4. Janina Baeza Kottirsch

    this whole creyp thing is driving me crazy, it's pronounced "crep"

  5. i love a savoury crepe!

  6. Where is John? He didn’t show up in quiet a while

  7. I'd add oignons on the mushroom and perfect .. as always lauren

  8. If I can't find that flour, can I mix all purpose and corn starch?


  10. You look gorgeous Lauren!! <3

  11. Rene Roundthecorner

    Please mention the amounts of the ingredients in the video

  12. VeganGamerGirl

    The way she says crepe is hurting my ears as a european…

    Also, sorry girl, but this is more of a thin german pancake than a crêpe…

  13. Clint Eastwood

    I love crepes and always use a cast iron crepe pan from Staub – it’s amazing – definitely going to try out your recipe !

  14. Pipe and a crepe?

  15. Love those earrings Lauren!!

  16. your content is E V E R Y T H I N G

  17. I'd love to see you open your own restaurant one day ❤️you are a true pro

  18. Would the 00 flour be normal all purpose flour in the US or be considered pastry flour?

  19. i heart you

  20. 4themotherload

    Have a nut allergy – what would you substitute for the nuts in your sauce recieps – love your book and your channel – I have been stumped! plz help!

  21. I was wondering how you are finding cooking with electric instead of gas?

  22. Oh love you! Love your smiling face.

  23. Alain Williams

    too little too late

  24. Looks delicious! For some reason I thought the title said Easy Vegan Recipes lol So at the end Im like "is there suppose to be another recipe?" then I read it again and had a DUUUH moment lol

  25. I know she says to use a crepe pan but I’ve done it in a regular non stick pan and it works fine ☺️ so I’d try that before buying one

  26. Omg this is perfect!! I was planning on doing crêpes for my mom already so this is fantastic. Thanks Lauren!!

  27. These crepes are legit!! I'm celebrating with this AND the cinnamon rolls and then onto anytime I damn well feel like it!!

  28. You actually pronounce it as "crap" hahaha

  29. yummy for my mommy !! tnx lauren

  30. OK. ..you win with this recipe. This looks freaking delicious.

  31. KQChallengeBeast

    I think I will make this for myself for Mothers' day.

  32. Belly Up Aspen

    Another big thanks… yes, these could convert to dessert crepes quite easily. All sorts of options… As for savory, the vegan hollandaise is a huge hit for those who've never made it. I use it with the breakfast lasagna (from Lauren) and is well received amongst the non-vegan folk. A great party dish. i make it large so it feeds lots… Happy to have a crepe recipe! Thanks, thanks Lauren

  33. Aimee Wilkinson

    You should come to Halifax, NS with your cookbook 🙂

  34. lawanda fleming

    A hot for food video isn't complete without the noch.

  35. Bad news: apperently hot for food Got cut from my feed! O no!
    Good news: catching uuuup!!

  36. They look delicious!!! Please please please come to Israel!!!! There is so much vegan yummy food here! Come to Tel Aviv! I'll take you aroud !!!

  37. Crepes aren’t fluffy in my experience they’re thin, flat and delicate. My mom is french she taught me to make them when I was 7. Im excited to try these though I have not had a vegan crepe yet.

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