Today we are making super quick and simple veggie burgers using mason jar lids! This is my new favourite recipe and method. I hope you love them too! Recipe …


  1. ketchup mustard and pickle

  2. Can you heat mason jar lids? The two biggest manufacturers, Ball and Kerr say "While it’s still safe to simmer your lids before use, you should never boil them. Our recommendation for over 40 years has always been to simmer (180°F) – not boil (212°F) – the lids." I've read that heating mason jar lids can harm their adhesive rings so it may not be the best to put it over a certain temperature.

  3. Rahul's Vegan Cooking

    Wheres the beef? Just kidding. Now you can have a real burger like hers, or have the factory farm beef burger loaded with chemicals and fat found at your local barbeque. Your choice. ill go with hers! ill change it up a tiny so I can add it to my collection of recipes. I get a lot of cool recipes from Olivia, deftinley a pioneer in vegan cooking.

  4. lovee watching your videos, they are super cute and helpful! sometimes its hard to be creative when practicing an animal friendly diet:)

  5. How could any NOT like burgers? Have to work to get past the mushrooms though lol

  6. I'm kind of an "everything-but-the-kitchen-sink" person when it comes to burger/sandwich toppings, haha. But I'd definitely say my top favorites are tomato, avocado, spicy mayo, and caramelized onions! A little lettuce is nice for some crunch, too.

  7. Chrystina Kleszcz

    Are the lids needed for this or can it be optional and you form the patties yourself?

  8. I keep on thinking of how her children are gonna eat the best meals.. lool

  9. i'm always gonna love how you keep the intros short and to the point. so many people ramble on and on LOL the mason jar idea is so clever!!

  10. vegetarian_life and bubbles

    finally a vegan burger without chickpeas and yes so much ingredients I'm definitely making this

  11. Aside from the toppings you listed, I love mushrooms on my burgers!

  12. caramelised onion hummus and grilled onions is my go to! rocket (arugula) would taste really good too

  13. Chiara Carissimi

    omg I tried it and they are too good

  14. You should definitely open a vegan cafe some day!!

  15. Addison Wonderland


  16. can you please try making savoury oatmeals?
    that'd be really cool, thanks 😀

  17. oh no pickles, mustard and beets are my fav burger toppings X'D

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