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  1. I LOVE lazy-microwaved tofu scrambles! The breakfast sandwich is definitely a must-try for me. Now I want smoked tofu hahahaha

  2. As always Rose. YUM…0;-)

  3. the breakfast sandwich looked like the sandwich from the spongebob episode with the health inspector

  4. thanks a lot, Rose… now I am craving a midnight snack 😀

  5. Lazy and super creative. Love it! Can I say the only thing is that your video comes out very washed, yellow tone almost. It could be the lighting adjustment. hope this helps.

  6. i have been trying to find nooch and I cannot find it

  7. I love your top <3

  8. i was going to clean my apartment when i woke today.. but i decided to catch up on cheap lazy vegan video's.. you always inspire me. and you always look great…. great food.

  9. smoked tofu isn't exactly college budget friendly. You can make your own, but, would require a BBQ with a lid or smoker. Still nice looking recipes! Thanks

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  11. Seriously where do you find smoked tofu. Iv tried normal grocery stores, specialty stores, asian markets. And have yet to find it.

  12. we have the same necklace !! so cute

  13. Love these recipes, been looking for quick savory ideas at work, perfect.

  14. I'm so hungry

  15. I used a couple of tablespoons of silk plain yogurt to my tofu scramble. Kind of makes it like a creamy scrambled egg

  16. microwave is bad 4 your health!

  17. I absolutely love your recipes ❤️

  18. Thank you for your amazing videos. They helped me and my family immensely in making the switch to veganism. You make veganism approachable <3

  19. True, everything is better in a wrap! Love these recipes 🙂

  20. Thank you for the savory breakfast ideas! I never thought to do tofu scramble in the microwave – so easy. Cheers

  21. Thanks for the chickpea avocado idea. I usually only eat avocado toast and make it at work. This gives it a little twist and it's easy to make. Yumm.

  22. Ahh I have to try all these. For me, sweet breakfasts are more comforting but I think savory ones are more satisfying because I think I’m significantly more likely to get a nutritionally balanced and filling breakfast if it’s savory.

  23. Hi! So my diet is pretty much plant based… except I can’t stop eating eggs. I’ve managed to phase meat and dairy out of my diet, but every time I stop the eggs I feel sick. Anyone have suggestions? And does anyone know another high protein breakfast thing I can eat (I’m scared of tofu)?

  24. Microwave tofu? How lazy can we get ^__^

  25. No offense but your food usually looks nasty AF

  26. Looks yummy 😀
    I need to find smoked tofu around here!

  27. You make breakfast so easy!!! Going to try these recipes :))

  28. Donovan eats millennials

    Please note that English muffins are vegan as long as you don’t get Thomas brand.

    I really want to try alfalfa sprouts but you can’t buy them in the states anymore because they cause disease. Did you buy seeds and grow your own?

  29. 7th Degree Imperial Yo-Yo Master

    You forgot the alcohol Rose. This is for students lol Nice cold beer to help with the hangover

  30. Love your shirt/ makeup <3 & I miss your vlogs D:

  31. the tofu sandwich would be bomb with avocado too

  32. Definitely gonna try some of these. Btw, I really love your hair! I've been trying to achieve the same colour, so I was wondering which hair dye you use?

  33. I make scrambled tofu very often and I had never thought about doing it in the microwave, It´s a great idea!

  34. Ooooh I’m so trying the microwaved tofu scramble, I cbf washing the frypan sometimes haha

  35. A long time ago I use to go to downtown Toronto a lot and I could get an amazing Tofu egg salad. I miss having it so much. Would you know of any good recipes ?

  36. Is there anything I can use instead of nutritional yeast?

  37. I️ seriously love just listening to you!

  38. this video is a BLESSING I cannot wait to try this all out! <3

  39. GREAT scrambled tofu tip! TY the Rosatron! XD

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