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  1. Rachael Valderamos

    Luuuuuv! You motivate us all! Do what you love and it will show in your videos!! ❤️

  2. You need some real boots sissy, youre going to break your neck in those gross trendy porn shoes. Get snow boots clunky tredded practical BOOTS! Youre way too beautiful for too much makeup…think minimalism seriously youre gorgeous and dont need makeup! Youre too big o consuming. Look at a landfill lately?

  3. No makeup tutorials.. that's a waste of time! What you give already is quality (with that being said your makeup always looks beautiful). Can you show more of the city and the local scenic areas outdoors?

  4. I love that song!!

  5. I love your videos just the way they are… you inspire!!!!

  6. You guys give me life i do the exact same things you guys do its so funny and inspirational to watch so funny i love ur videos aha

  7. If you don't want to do a makeup video can you at least list the makeup products that you use? Please Please!!! Love these videos please don't stop. I look forward to watching you and your brother every day after work.

  8. Hey Danna! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your Family too! I enjoy the videos that you have been doing. You have very pretty eyes, and your make-up today makes them pop. I use Carmex too. It's the best. Also, you may want to look into the Berkey water purification system. It comes in several sizes with prices to match. All those that I watch who own one have given it rave reviews. It is on my next big purchase list.

  9. We had a water delivery service, and it was SOOO worth it.

  10. I love this video style. Please also make a wardrobe tour!

  11. Keep up these videos, you are the only youtuber, whose videos are interesting and fun in this form! <3

  12. Lemon zest, and also fresh mint are SO tasty in smoothies! Also your daily journaling has inspired me, and I've been doing so for the past couple weeks! So beyond helpful for being mindful of current thoughts, feelings, urges, etc <3

  13. I’m really loving these vids! Please keep it up it motivates me

  14. What a beautiful song!

  15. I'm enjoying the videos as they are with the goals

  16. Yes! Keep doing these videos! They are so inspiring! ❤️ And the sauce is now a staple in our fridge….we use it on everything! And your lipstick looks gorgeous! Love from MN!

  17. OMG love that song! (Bad behaviour) you are so talented! & i love your videos! Thanks girl, you're AWESOME!

  18. I love these videos. They are one of the best parts of my day. I love just getting to relax with a cup of tea and watch you hit your goals! You're looking great girl!

  19. omg that song is everything

  20. Can't wait for the chili and corn bread recipe

  21. Love the challenge videos!

  22. Happy Thanksgiving to you.
    I would like more recipes

  23. To answer your question, I love these types of videos. Yes, please continue! 🙂

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