Easy Meal Prep For WEIGHT LOSS | Vegan & Non Vegan Meals to LOSE FAT!

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  1. LOVE! I used to make those egg white muffins when I first started my journey 2 years ago!! I need to get back on that! Great video love! I love that you meal prep with your son in mind and still give him veggies and good food not junk! When I have kiddos I am hoping I can do the same!! xoxo

  2. I can't get over how easy and unique your meal prep is. Thanks so much! I LOVE your meal preps so much 🙂

  3. how much do you get paid to do youtube?

  4. genute vadeikyte

    Na man atrodo skanu.Paskysiu tiesa neragavau nekarto tik zalumynus Patis auginame

  5. Danielle Manning

    I love these videos!

  6. I'm a fairly new subscriber and I love these recipes! I'm a full time student and worker and these meals are easy and affordable. Thank you 🙂

  7. Awesome ideas!

  8. I put my veggies in frozen too!!!

  9. Sheesh, there's a lot of grumpy people commenting here today. Whats got into them? Maybe they have been 'hacked' too?

  10. Jennifer Kaldenbach

    JORDAN! help me lose my lower belly fat lol! I have been watching your videos for a while now and i am eating clean and everything but my lower stomach is my main problem. I've been trying to do things to lose it but maybe i'm just going about it wrong! HELP! lol Loveyou

  11. Thank you…. love this! Hey what is that beautiful color on your nails? Very pretty

  12. I love salmon but never know where I can get good salmon, where do you get yours?

  13. Those Lil egg things are like a dupe for the Starbucks Lil egg things

  14. Love your meal prep videos!!! I get so many good ideas for my meal preps. Thanks!!

  15. Stephanie Berrios

    You're awesome! Love your videos.

  16. Do you count calories?

  17. You would make a great housewife you're a very good cook! 🙂

  18. the intro was not long at all? i'm so confused at why everyone is mad lol. good video!

  19. Katherine Thousand

    How do you keep the avocado from turning brown when you prep it ahead of time? I ALWAYS struggle with this, because it's my favorite!

  20. Meal planning starts at 2:09!

  21. Linette E. Houser

    I really enjoy your meal prepping thanks so much

  22. Hey girly! What advice do you give to someone who is in recovery from an ED stepping out on the beach for the first time with their new body!!?? Love you SO much and you and your son are too precious!!

  23. whats good with all the negative comments ??????? love you jay you the bomb and this was an awesome vid

  24. hi Jordan I've missed some of your videos but did you give up the vegan diet or do you just sometimes do it here and there??

  25. straight click bate…..why.

  26. I thought you were vegetarian ? I didn't realize I've missed that many videos ..

  27. Thanks for the video. Some great tips that I plan to use!

  28. Hi love….. Its kirra from SnapChat!
    loved this video, I totally needed it! love you, please sub to my channel, I feel like we are friends and t i know everything about you, The only thing is you don't know anything about your girl over here! LOL…:)))) love ya!

  29. Christina Padilla

    How long do you think these can last for in the refrigerator. I would meal prep Monday – Friday. 🙂

  30. I do really enjoy these videos cause the cooking aspect of people's fitness journeys are my favorite part but I have to agree that the long intros are a bit much. It's the same thing every video and I wanna skip through it but don't in hopes I don't miss something. I know you get a lot of new subscribers so you wanna keep everyone in the loop but maybe not every single video. Other than that I loved the video!

  31. Thanks for the meal prep video, this is awesome. I am on my journey as well and I do need some help.

  32. New subbie here…Your channel has quickly become a staple for me. I love your personality and videos!!

  33. Doesnt your avo get brown by the time you eat it ?

  34. Love this video! Glad you and your son are doing better!

  35. the breakfast in this video do you heat it up in a microwave the morning after you make them ?

  36. You're not vegan anymore?

  37. Love your meal prep videos. Lots of great but also cheap ideas

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