EASY MEAL PREP FOR WEIGHT LOSS: 3 Quick, Cheap & Healthy Breakfast Meal Recipes (VEGAN & NON VEGAN)

MEAL PREP with me for WEIGHT LOSS – Breakfast Edition! Sharing 3 easy & QUICK breakfast meals you can make & grab on the go. These are also perfect for …


  1. The oats bake is my fav and I have some blue berries. YAY

  2. Alesia Bridgewater

    thank you for the recipes I have started my weight loss journey and I will be making these i have started to follow you

  3. where can I buy the oat milk. what brand is it

  4. Can you do a video on how you do your hair

  5. Very helpful they all looked amazing.

  6. I loved the little egg muffins. They are so versatile. I usually use all egg whites, roasted tomatoes, bacon, spinach & feta in mine.

  7. Thank you for including vegan. Something for everyone. I really want to try that banana bread – it looks amazing!

  8. I have a similar egg cup recipe, except I use broccoli and turkey sausage. Got the recipe from a fitness magazine.

  9. The oatmeal bake looks awesome. I wonder if it would work with quick cooking oats. That's what I have on hand.

  10. Stephanie Wiegand

    Your accent is the definition of a transatlantic accent– i love it!
    Also, thank for you starting to incorporate vegan meals ideas 🙂

  11. NicoleShayeMakeup

    Omg girl that banana bread!!! Everything looked delicious! I love making those egg cups too so yummy! XO Nicole

  12. Any ideas for a night snackers? I can go all day without eating which is just the worst bc I end up eating so late. I was never a breakfast person to begin with

  13. Wow! Those are really great ideas. Really good! They looks easy to prepare as well. I will try all but the egg muffin is def my fav

  14. BeautySplashbyKMS

    Thank you for making these videos, they are so helpful. I can't wait to make the egg muffins in the morning. 🙂

  15. I appreciate that you incorporated vegan recipes in here 🙂 Definitely going to try out that baked oatmeal with a chia egg. It looks sooo good!

  16. Girl I love your food videos!!

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