Easy Meal Prep for Fat Loss! (How I Lost 100 Pounds)

Hi Babes! So, a very requested video! HOW I MEAL PREP! Hope this is helpful, if it is, please amke sure you LIKE, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE!!! If you guys like it, …


  1. I didn't quite notice, but were the omelets just egg whites?

  2. for how many days do u do this for, 1-5, 1-7, 1-3?

  3. How many minutes and what temperature do you roast them in the oven for?

  4. girl, two words. Cross Contamination. Not safe to use the same spatula for the chicken and veggies <3

  5. Laura Cabrera Lopez

    Where do you get the plastic containers??

  6. Great information and food prep ideas. Thank you!

  7. Love this! Thanks so much for the simple ideas and tips! Meal prep can be boring and bland but this motivated. Starting fresh on Sunday.

  8. Vanessa Miramontes

    This was a really cool video ❤️

  9. This is one of the best meal preps. I would actually do these recipes. It’s so manageable

  10. Super great video. First time viewer, definitely had to subscribe. Thank you for the tips

  11. Great video ! Please make more prep videos like this !

  12. Love this I needed ideas for meal prep and had no idea how to do it , would be cool to see more meal prep videos for the week (:

  13. Glad I found your videos

  14. Woohoo ALDI!!!

  15. Girl you from San Luis?

  16. Loved this video girl! New subbie!

  17. Dennis Gutierrez

    I loved this! Im looking to meal prep for friends and fam. So this was very helpful

  18. Can I please have your bowl? I’m not joking

  19. Simple recipes anyone can follow

  20. I actually have 4 packs of cauliflower rice in my freezer. I only tried it once and it was so bland. Your fried rice looks so good! I will definitely try it. Thanks!

  21. deanne goodfellow

    The things I found fantastic about metabolic cooking recipe collection is that it permitted so as that I really could quite easily prepare my meals and then work the prep time into my very own crazy timetable. I really could cook certain portions of the dishes in advance to minimize the preparation when I was hard pressed for time. The electronic digital copy on my smartphone made searching for the foods very simple and in addition a large amount of those ingredients are straightforward to get hold of while generally more affordable. I hunted but couldn't find this type of a really good number of excellent recipes of this magnitude somewhere else. Read about my journey here https://goo.gl/qiPgTd

  22. U dont need to waste the egg by using egg whites. Just use 2 whole eggs

  23. Where did you get the stevia drops?

  24. Can I just have the omelette instead of bacon and all that?

  25. Thank you! Looks amazing.

  26. I need to lose 60 pounds ☹️

  27. I thought it was super cool that we meal prep super similarly and I have also seen some great results!!

  28. This was so awesome! The best meal prep video I've ever seen. Realistic and easy to do. I just subscribed.

  29. I love how you go step by step for people who may be the worst cooks in America. Hope to see more videos like this one!

  30. Georgiana Wickenden

    Great post. I am going to try my eggs like u did and scratch my light English muffin . So excited to see what’s next. Congrats on weight loss u look fantastic

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